For those that are following the extension proposal by Kennedy Renewables and the Wemyss Estate will no doubt be aware that the developer has submitted an appeal to the Scottish Reporter on 24th December 2014, based on non-determination.

By submitting an appeal before any formal decision is made removes responsibility from the local authority and local councillors that serve on planning committees, thus taking away local planning democracy from the local communities.

For those wishing to follow the progress of the appeal, you can do so at:

Shining Waters – Objection

Our group has made an extensive objection on various material planning considerations, which was submitted on the 22nd September 2014;

Additionally, we have now responded to the Statement of Appeal submitted by Kennedy Renewables and also included a supplementary objection to the proposed development.

The supplementary objection does not focus on material planning considerations, but focusses on a range of issues that require highlighting and addressing, such as the scientific uncertainty regarding the Air Quality vs Ground Contamination issue that has been brought to light and remains unresolved, unacceptable noise breaches within our communities, public health, and the unlawful restriction of our core pathways.

Objection: LoSW-Objection-14-02444-EIA (PDF – 6.8Mb)
Supplementary Objection: LoSW_Sup_Objection (PDF – 4.9Mb)
LoSW Statement of Appeal Response: LoSW-SoA-ScotReport (PDF – 1.5Mb)

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