Primary 3s pupils invited parents, family members, organisations, and community groups to a presentation at the West Primary to highlight their recent successful fund raiser, the Tin Trail Challenge, on behalf of Benarty Food Bank.

The ambitious project to raise 4200 tins to be donated to the Benarty Food Bank has now ended and pupils gave thanks to family members, local shops, businesses, residents and community groups that gave them support.

Pupils highlighted the work that was involved which included working as a team in partnership with many local groups and individuals. Educational aims were also included in the project from team working, communication skills, art and mathematics.

The children highlighted the challenges they faced but continued to work as a team, writing to businesses, charities, and residents in the local community to gain support.

Their hard efforts paid off and the pupils managed to collect 2322 tins and raised a total of £1172.33 which was donated to the Benarty Food Bank. The cash raised will be enough to feed 80 people for 3 days.

John Dryly from Benarty Food Bank thanked the pupils and local community for their efforts and highlighted that the pupils had made an amazing achievement.

A cheque was presented to John Dryly by Citizen of the Year, Mr Gibbons, and Young Citizen of the Year; Remi Haddow (2014) and Sarah Pratt (2015).

The Benarty Food Bank was developed via the Dunfermline Food Bank which has been in operation for just over 2 years and has helped over 5000 people.

The Benarty Food Bank has so far helped over 60 children and over 200 adults from the Lochgelly area.

Headteacher Mrs Steele stated that she was overwhelmed by the support from local shops, businesses and the local community.

Congratulations to Primary 3s for their dedication and hard work to help the Food Bank.

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One Comment

  1. Jackson

    December 17, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    Absolutely well done to the children, teachers, parents, families, and volunteers. This was a great achievement from the grass roots of a community and from people who care.


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