Thursday 13th November, 2014

  1. An election is to be held for the return of Community Councillors in each of the Community Council Areas within the Fife Local Government Area.
  2. Nomination papers can be obtained by telephoning or calling at the address below.
  3. Nomination papers properly completed and subscribed must be delivered to the address shown below on any working day from Friday 3rd October until 4.00.p.m. on Thursday 16th October, 2014.
  4. Withdrawals of persons nominated must be intimated at the same address not later than 4.00 p.m. on Friday 24th October, 2014.
  5. Polling will take place on Thursday 13th November, 2014, unless the election is uncontested.
  6. Further information on the Community Council for your Area and on the work of Community Councils can be obtained from the

Returning Officer
Fife Council,
Democratic Services,
3rd Floor,
Fife House,
North Street,
Fife, KY7 5LT

Telephone: 03451 555555 Ext 442176 (Bill Welsh)
or visit

Community Council Timetable

  • Publication of Notice of Election. Not later than the 41st day before the day of election – Friday 3rd October, 2014.
  • Delivery of nomination papers. Not later than 4.00 p.m. on the 28th day before the day of election – Thursday 16th October, 2014.
  • Statement as to Persons Nominated. Not later than 4.00 p.m. on the 23rd day before the day of election – Tuesday 21st October, 2014.
  • Delivery of Notice of Withdrawal. Not later than 4.00 p.m. on the 20th day before the day of election – Friday 24th October 2014.
  • Notice in case of uncontested election and Notice of Poll in contested election. Not later than the sixth day before the day of election – Friday 7th November, 2014.
  • Polling. Thursday 13th November, 2014.
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