Brucefield plot holders have raised concerns over the future of rare and pure breeds at the Brucefield Allotments in Lochgelly, after the dissolution of the association with the plots now returning to the direct management of Fife Council.

One plot holder has aired their concern over plans by Fife Council to restrict certain livestock, which includes the removal of male birds.

The council want to remove breeding from the plots which will affect several of the plot holders. We have been breeding for decades and have our unique bloodline at the plots.

Removing any breeding will destroy the bloodline and remove the rare breeds from Lochgelly. We are speaking to Fife Council to ask them to reconsider their stance on breeding within the Brucefield Allotments as several plot holders have invested a lot of time and money protecting the rare and pure breeds

Plot holders are currently in discussions with Fife Council over the new leasing terms with several plot holders fearful for the future of their birds.

Another plot holder highlighted;

We want to keep the rare and pure breeds as a lot of hard work, time and money has went into protecting these birds and improving the bloodline.

We deal with people throughout the entire UK helping other groups develop their rare and pure breeds.

We want to keep the breeds ongoing and I am concerned at the lack of support and recognition from Fife Council over the importance of the rare and pure breeds, as well as the effort we have put into rescuing birds from abusive conditions, and it is hoped Fife Council will reconsider their stance for the Brucefield Allotments

Some of the breeds that will be lost include; Rhode Island Reds, Scotch Dumpeys, different breeds of Bantum, Faverolli, Dorken, Langshan, Shamos, and a unique bloodline that is only available in Lochgelly.

Plot holders have now contacted the Lochgelly Community Council for support and to act as an intermediary between the ongoing discussions with plot holders and Fife Council.

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