In November, we were invited to a conference arranged by Scotland Against Spin which brought together some of the leading experts in the UK to highlight some of the serious short falls with the current policy of wind energy developments in Scotland. We shall be publishing the presentations on the site, with the first presentation by Mike Stigwood.

Wind Farms Noise – The sacrifice of the rural minorities – Mike Stigwood

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Mike Stigwood is one of the country’s – if not the world’s – leading experts on wind turbine noise. His ground-breaking research into amplitude modulation and other noise impacts from turbines on residents up to 10km from wind farms supplies some of the strongest scientific evidence to date for the environmental cost of windfarms.

Mike Stigwood is an ex-Environmental Health Officer, with thirty-eight years’ experience, nineteen of which were spent working for a range of local government authorities, from Cambridge City to Hackney BC, Huntingdonshire DC, Stevenage and lastly Mid- Bedfordshire DC.

In 1994 Mike Stigwood left to set up his own Environmental Health consultancy, MAS Environmental. He had developed a keen interest in renewable energy and minimising reliance on fossil fuels in the 1980s, and got involved in the issue of wind turbine noise from around 2004. It was then that he discovered that there were serious impacts that had not been identified in the guidance, and he has been researching the problems to obtain a better understanding ever since.

Mike has played a vital role in many high profile legal battles. He has also created a range of courses taught regularly to Environmental Health Officers, Planning Officers and other technicians in the environmental health field.

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  1. Lochgellian.

    April 30, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Glad to see someone highlighting this issue. I’ve been having ear problems and ear pain since the wind factory has been built, and a lot of my neighbours are complaining also! Have had to move out of my bedroom to get some sleep, and even then the noise disturbs me. The winter storms were a nightmare, the turbines turning for about 3 weeks constant at one point, my ears were ringing, and painful. The turbines have invaded my home! Absolute disgrace that this is known and is being covered up or misrepresented. There are more and more peer-reviewed papers to highlight the ill-health caused by wind factories, and yet here in the UK our problems are being ignored. The truth will out, hopefully!


  2. Lochgellian.

    April 30, 2014 at 10:37 am

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