Since 2010, Loch of Shining Waters has been operating as a constituted voluntary group, highlighting and campaigning on a variety of issues affecting the local area, as well as promoting the positive developments of the local area.

In 2013, we opted to take a more hands on approach with a desire to develop local projects, beyond our initial objectives of public information dissemination.

With this in mind, we formally dissolved our constitution in December 2013 to re-establish the group as a Social Enterprise, which is essentially a charitable organisation with the exception that it is able to seek to raise a profit, so long as that profit is used solely to further advance our social objectives for the benefit of the local community we serve.

We opted for the Social Enterprise model so that we have a stronger legal standing for applying for larger funding monies from external organisations. The reason we are looking at larger funding packages is to complete a range of projects that require heavier financing, such as permanent time-based air quality monitors, sound monitors, and a variety of capacity building projects within the Lochgelly area.

We have now been awarded funding from Fife Council via the Community Education strategy for Community Capacity Building which has the following key aims;

  • Build the capacity of a range of community groups and improve their participation in local community planning and democratic processes
  • Improve communities capacity to address issues which improve community health, well being and community safety
  • Improve community groups capacity to plan , manage and evaluate their work
  • Improve networking amongst community groups and organisations to increase resilience by encouraging the use of existing skills and knowledge in the community
  • Undertake good governance health checks with groups as appropriate and provide support to address gaps in knowledge and skills for groups to allow them to improve and develop
  • Improve and enhance community organisations’ capacity to access resources and deliver services

We worked closely with the Community Education Worker; Margaret King who helped us access funding of £290 which was used to employ the services of Social Enterprise; Senscot Legal to create our Articles of Association and register Loch of Shining Waters with Companies House.

Our company number is SC473024 and we have now adopted the following Social Objectives;

  • advance citizenship and community development through the provision of a community resource site, with the aim to highlight local positive and negative developments to raise awareness to the wider online public, publishing of local news, highlighting planning applications and planning issues and promoting local democracy & transparency and encourage local open debate’
  • advance environmental protection and improvement by working on a variety of regeneration projects, capacity projects and raising environmental issues;
  • advance education through the provision of media & environmental workshops for youths and other socially excluded individuals and groups;
  • advance the arts, heritage and culture by gathering and centralising historical information about the local area, and providing consultancy and media design services;
  • provide local non-profit groups with an online platform to help raise awareness of their groups, their social objectives, and all their latest local events, news, developments, and projects and to promote creativity and community ownership and community initiatives and the sharing of information within the community;
  • advance such similar purposes, promote, establish, operate and/or support others in and develop any other projects, initiatives or activities for the benefit of the community as the directors may consider appropriate and to supply all such ancillary services and facilities as the directors may consider appropriate from time to time.

Our full governance documents can be accessed at:

With our Articles of Association in place, we are now in the process of applying for funds from Awards from All for sound monitors as part of a data gathering project to highlight the unacceptable noise levels in Lochgelly from the operations at Little Raith, Mossmorran and the A92, and to have these noise issues addressed through a series of noise reduction projects.

We are also committed to seek large scale funding for a variety of projects within Lochgelly, including seeking permanent time-based air quality monitors as a precautionary safe-guard for the continued monitoring of pollutants emitted by Shell, ExxonMobil and from the A92.

We would like to thank Margaret King, Fife Council and Senscot Legal for their support in helping us to establish the group as a Social Enterprise.

There is new groups emerging in the Lochgelly area developed by residents to tackle a range of local social issues. Support is available for these groups, and we recommend if the groups need help to contact Margaret King to see what support is available, whether development or funding. Margaret can be reached at;

Community Education Worker (CCB)
Community Learning & Development
Bowhill Community Centre
145 Station Road
Cardenden KY5 0BW

Tel: 03451 555555 Ext. 402199
Tel: 01592 583471

For a list of our projects, please visit our Projects page, which will be updated shortly with a list of new projects we are currently developing.

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