Admin Note: We will be continuously updating this article as developments happen with the proposed extension to Little Raith Wind Farm for an additional 7 turbines at an increased height of 135m. All updates will be clearly marked and timestamped.

Application (13/03390/SCO) details:

UPDATE (11/11/2013): The scoping opinion document submitted with Fife COuncil is over 50Mb in size, therefore making it difficult for some users to access. Whether this is intentional by the developers, to limit access to the document, we are unsure.

Thanks to one of our users who has downloaded the full document and compressed it into a manageable size of only 8Mb;

UPDATE (19/11/13):

  • Lochgelly Community Council will not be supporting the application
  • Jonny Kennedy has agreed to meet individual residents in the Lochgelly and Auchtertool area, without their PR agency (Invicta PA) to discuss with each resident the impacts they have faced from the current wind farm. Cowdenbeath and Lumphinnans residents are not included due to representatives from Lumphinnans and Cowdenbeath Community Councils stating that no issues have been raised to them.

UPDATE (20/11/13):

  • Central Fife Times has given front page coverage to the application on behalf of Kennedy Renewables and the PR company; Invicta PA. The extension will be offering the low sum of £5000 per Mw installed. This does not appear to increase the funds on offer for the existing installation that only provides £1000 per Mw
  • Fife Council have made a comment on the application;
    • Air Quality – Further Information Requested. (1) Request for FCE report mentioned in section 5.133. (2) Request for Benzene diffusion tube monitoring survey data once completed
    • Contaminated Land – Area is identified as being former mining (including opencast) area and rifle range activities, therefore appropriate contaminated land site specific risk assessment to be undertaken.

Further Information: 5.1333. In addition to the monitoring the site developers commissioned Fichtner Consulting Engineers to investigate the likelihood for interactions between emissions of benzene from the Mossmorran works and the consented Little Raith Wind Farm and to quantify the potential impact on local air quality. This concluded that;

Interaction of atmospheric emission plumes from the site with turbulent wind turbine wakes has the potential to increase ground level concentrations in the immediate vicinity of the turbines or in the immediate vicinity of the stacks*, although this will only be in areas where there is no habitation.

The change in impact on areas where there is human habitation has been shown to be negligible, and there could be a reduction in impact due to the improved atmospheric mixing as a result of the turbine wake turbulence

*Our bold for emphasis.

Map of Planned, Consented & Constructed Turbines

Below is an interactive map of all the applications currently pending, or consented or operational in the Central Fife area, that we are aware of. Please note that due to formatting issues, the map may not be centred on the Lochgelly area and you may need to drag the map to the correct location.

View Central Fife – Turbines in a larger map


BLUE: Pending Applications
RED: Rejected or Withdrawn Applications
YELLOW: Approved Applications
RED: Operational Turbines

Do you support proposals to extend the Little Raith wind farm?

  • No (80%, 499 Votes)
  • Yes (20%, 121 Votes)

Total Voters: 620

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Let us know what you think of the proposed extension. Do you support or are you against? Has the existing facility impacted on your quality of life? Whatever your comment, please let us know below.

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  1. No More Turbines!

    November 13, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    This is really distressing news. The impact of Little Raith is already huge, people are complaining about shadow flicker, noise pollution and ill-health effects associated with wind turbines. Now they are intending to build even more, even larger and even closer to the town. they obviously care nothing for the residents of Lochgelly or they wouldn’t be doing this.

    It is a attempt to get more turbines approved before the subsidies are slashed. I will be forced to move out of my home for sure if this goes ahead. I am already impacted with Little Raith having had to move out of my front bedroom due to shadow flicker and noise. I am already experiencing ill-health because of the turbines.

    Don’t offer us a community bribe, because that is all it is a bribe. It is a scandal that you were even allowed to build where you have in the first place, to continue to build is just riding roughshod over the real people of this town.

    Don’t you care at all about the effect you are having on the residents. Greed and hard-hearted the lot of you!


  2. very worried

    November 19, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    due to greed and reduced funding i find myself very worried about the place i love fife how long are residents going to turn away when our community is destroyed by greed we sit on the richest land in world but we still look away while these companys move in build needless projects for greed there destroying our land but thats fine by them because they move on while the rest of us are left to pick up the pieces and watch our kids suffer


  3. Lochgellian

    November 24, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Interesting article regarding Little Raith in the Courier. 23.11.13.

    ‘Plan for more turbines at Little Raith windfarm ‘beggars belief’’


  4. Mark Hood

    August 8, 2014 at 8:54 pm

    I have written to Mr Glen asking to explain his comments in the article in the Central Fife Times. He seems to have the impression that I am supporting the extension of the wind farm. I certainly have never spoken to Mr Glen since the application was made and can’t remember ever speaking to him about the a possible extension. The only time I ever met representatives of the applicant I made it clear that I would not be supporting this extension.


    • James Glen

      August 9, 2014 at 2:49 pm

      Dear Mr Hood,

      As yet I have received no correspondence from yourself but when I do I will respond to you directly. I am certainly glad to hear that you are not supporting the application and therefore I apologise for anything you may have found offensive.

      I would however urge you to respond to your constituents that have contacted you regarding the existing Little Raith Wind Farm and the impacts they are facing.

      Regards – Mr Glen


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