Are you active in the Lochgelly area, providing support to local groups and individuals, or achieving positive recognition for the town, or helping to improve the local area in some way?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then the Lochgelly Community Council are seeking nominations for the Young Citizen of the Year and Citizen of the Year, an annual ceremony that recognises and rewards individuals locally for their dedication to improving the town.

Chairperson Stevie Murray says ‘Recognising the achievements of individuals that support the positive redevelopment in the town, whether fund raising or volunteering for a local charity, or helping an elderly neighbour, all support the positive redevelopment of the town and strengthens the local community and local community spirit’.

Previous Citizen of the Year has been won by a range of residents contributing to the local area, from Chrissie Scott who manages a dance class, provides support for the Christmas Lights and Christmas Gala, and helps other elderly residents in the local area, to Bert Allen who has managed to raise much needed funds in support of local causes.

The Lochgelly Community Council recognises that there is many individuals working hard in the local area to support and promote the town and we would like to here from them

To apply for Citizen or Young Citiizen of the Year, a written nomination for an individual must be sent to the Lochgelly Community Council, highlighting the individual you wish to nominate, and providing some detail on why you are nominating them.

Nominations can be submitted for anyone that is residing in the Lochgelly area, positively contributing to improving the local area, no matter how large or small that contribution may be, and encouraging others to provide their support in the positive regeneration of the town and community’.

To nominate an individual, please write a letter to the Lochgelly Community Council stating the reasons for your nomination. All nominations received are discussed at a Community Council meeting for a decision on who should be Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year for 2013.

Send your nominations to: Lochgelly Community Council, 20 Walker Street, Lochgelly, KY5 9BQ or email

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