The Community Shop managed by the Lochgelly Community Development Forum was relaunched on Friday after being closed for refurbishment, which was made possible by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and Fife Council.

Community ShopThe shop was initially set-up to provide another service to help support residents in Lochgelly with the provision of quality items, such as clothes, books, bric-a-brac, children’s toys and equipment, etc., at a low cost, with any profits earned to be reinvested back into other local projects, primarily the Lochgelly Christmas Lights and the Lochgelly Gala.

Chairperson Eileen McKenna stated; ‘Support from residents and other organisations has been fantastic. We have received many donations of goods which has helped us become sustainable and allowed us to contribute to our other projects and be less reliant on funding.

The shop has been a great resource for the community but doesn’t allow us to meet all the costs associated with the Gala and Lights. Every bit helps but there is still a long way to go to raise funds for the Christmas Lights and the Gala so we will continue to run fund raising events in partnership with many individuals, groups and businesses in Lochgelly.’

The Community Shop was initially made possible by Fife Council agreeing to provide funds, with support also provided by Hazel Cross and Margaret King, to allow the LCDF to open up the shop to test trade their idea which also helped to raise funds for the Lochgelly Gala in 2013

We had hoped that the shop would be able to raise enough funds to cover all the costs of the gala. Unfortunately this was not the case but it still provided a much needed boost to help fund the gala.’

Having seen how well used the shop was, we knew we had to keep it running as another service we provide to Lochgelly. We managed to set in place agreements with the owner of the premises and sought funding to refurbish the premises to make it more suited for purpose

Community ShopThe LCDF managed to obtain a funding award from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to completely transform the interior of the building and equip the property with proper shelving, counters, and racks.

The Community Shop was officially re-opened by provost Jim Leishman with local Councillors Linda Erskine and Ian Chisholm in attendance, as well as various Community Support and Community Redevelopment employees from Fife Council, alongside the volunteers that have made it all possible.

The shop will be open for business from Monday 23rd September, and with the refurbishment complete, the LCDF will be able to re-focus their energies on the Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights.

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