The Lochgelly Community Council briefly discussed Fracking at last nights meeting, after Friends of the Earth sent a letter highlighting that the Lochgelly area (and other areas in Fife) is currently ‘under license for onshore oil and gas activities, including controversial unconventional gas extraction techniques (Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence 163, licenced to Dart Energy)‘.

Fracking, or to give it’s proper name, Hydraulic Fracturing, is a technique which mixes water, sand with other chemicals, with the mixture injected at high pressure into a wellbore to create fractures in shale rock, to release the natural gas inside.

Some of the chemicals that are mixed with the sand and water to be injected into the wells, include;

  • Lead
  • Uranium
  • Mercury
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Radium
  • Methanol
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Formaldhyde

Opponents to the technology claim that during the fracking proccess, methane gas and toxic chemicals leak out from the system and contaminate nearby groundwater, which is backed up by reports from America that show near some fracking wells, methane concentrations are 17x higher in drinking water wells near fracturing sites than in normal wells.

Meanwhile the Fracking industry, similar to the wind industry and oil industry, all parrot the same lines ‘trust us, we’re safe’.

Below is the map of Fife which highlights which areas are currently under licence, and the areas that are under offer for the 13th onshore round.

Fife - Fracking Licence Areas
Fife – Fracking Licence Areas

As yet, there is no specific plans for the Lochgelly area, other than it is licenced for fracking, as well as many other areas in Central Fife, with the entire Kingdom being opened up for licences for potential fracking sites. It is also interesting to note that Community Councillor Mr McPherson declared an interest in Fracking and promptly left the meeting.

Concern is high amongst the Community Councils in Fife, that Pitteuchar, Stenton & Finglassie Community Council have contacted Dart Energy for further information and as yet have still to receive a response, as well as asking Community Councils across Fife to a special meeting to discuss the issues of Fracking in the Fife area.

So what do you think about Fracking? Do you welcome it in Lochgelly, or should they frack off? Let us know in the comments below.

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