The LoSW team took a day trip to the Lomond Hills to photograph and film the scenery of Fife. Unfortunately, the weather changed for the worse, allowing us to only capture images from the East Lomond Hill.

The views from the hill were breathtaking, and East Lomond was a very popular spot. One aspect of the day trip which was a surprise, was the amount of litter left discarded on the hill.

It is hard to understand the mentality of who drops litter in remote places, is it really that much of an inconvenience to carry your litter back home, or at least back down the hills to the litter bins provided? This behaviour of littering hillsides is not uncommon and it is an issue commonly highlighted on the excellent Benvironment blog.

Apart from the litter, East Lomond provides an excellent view of Fife and surrounding countryside, which due to the greyness, our images have failed to capture how stunning the scenery actually is.

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