We’ve received the following email from the Fife Development Plan Team (Fife Council) which may be of interest to some of our readers;

The Fife Development Plan Team wants to improve how we show information on maps and diagrams in the forthcoming Proposed FIFEplan. This is in line with Scottish Government’s desire for the greater use of clear and straightforward graphics in Development Plans and would respond to feedback from users who have told us they would like these plans to be simpler to use.

We have developed 3 sample plans showing a spatial strategy for Fife and are looking to get your comments on these maps. To access the consultation please click on the link below.


The consultation will run until 30th August 2013.

Please note that this spatial strategy is being used as a context for considering different styles of graphics and is not the proposed spatial strategy for Fife. A revised spatial strategy will be available for comment at future stages of the plan process.

The survey requires no login details, but before you take part, remember to check out the supporting documents available at: http://lpconsult.fife.gov.uk/portal/planning/strategy_diagrams?tab=files. We have provided low resolution images below of the sample maps, that form part of the consultation;

Image 1

FifePlan - Image 1

Image 2

FIFEplan - Image 2

Image 3

FIFEplan - Image 3

Please note that higher resolution (better quality) maps are available on the FIFEplan consultation, that will allow you to view the maps in better detail (read the text, zoom in, etc.).

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