Local charity, the Royal Oak Community Club are launching a new community service to benefit the local area after the recent closure of the Good News facilities which have had a negative social impact on the town.

Development manager, Robert Thompson states ‘Good News provided a useful function for the local community, with the Post Office facilities and the cafeteria, which was a social hub in the mornings for parents after dropping their kids of at school’

‘The closure of the post office is a tragedy, but other businesses are stepping in, and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. As for the loss of the café, this was a very popular and important social hub for people in the community and it is also tragic that this facility has now been lost’

Since the closure of the Post Office and Café facilities, residents have been left with less local facilities and resources to use. The Post Office was an important and integral service for the local community, and the social importance of the café must also be recognised.

Community Development Officer for the Royal Oak and local resident, Pamela Richardson is quoted;

‘The closure of the café premises was a loss to the many community users of the facility and we are hoping we can fill this social loss and continue to support the local community in a variety of local projects and initiatives’

‘Residents need access to local facilities and the social impacts of facilities being closed, can sometimes be overlooked. We hope we can continue to provide a positive supporting role in the community with access to our facilities and continue to provide local residents with another social and community hub’

The Royal Oak Community Club will now be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am, serving hot & cold snacks, all day breakfasts with free Wi-Fi access.

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