The Royal Oak Community Club are getting into the spirit of Punk, by hosting a Punk night on the 6th April 2013 starting from 7:30pm.

Music is provided by ‘Bodies’ a Sex Pistol tribute band with an unnamed support band prior to the main event. The Bodies are a highly energetic band that accurately replay some of the Sex Pistols most memorable songs amongst others in their repertoire.

Gig Poster - Punk Night
Gig Poster – Punk Night

The Punk night has been set-up by a local band ‘Polar Haze’ who have taken time out of rehearsals to create a local event to support local musicians. Polar Haze musician and local resident, James Arnott, states “I’m hoping the night will be supported and well received locally. If the night is successful there could be further potential in holding regular band nights for established and up and coming local bands of various music genres‘.

Tickets are available from the Royal Oak Community Club at £5 per person, or £6 at the door on the night.

To learn more about the Royal Oak Community Club, please visit:

To learn more about Polar Haze, please visit:

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