Lochgelly Community Council are currently seeking the views of local residents regarding Onshore Wind Development as part of the public consultation being run by Fife Council, which starts on the 14th of January and ends on the 10th March 2013.

The consultation is being held after many Community Councils across Fife have expressed concern about the number of land based turbines being proposed across Fife. The results of the consultation will be used to update the existing Wind Energy Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG).

The Lochgelly Community Council would like to start gathering the views of local residents to present the views to Fife Council and will be discussing the issues of onshore wind at the next public meeting, held at the Royal Oak Community Club on the Wednesday 13th February starting at 7pm.

Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting and share their views and any concerns they may have. This will allow the Lochgelly Community Council to make representations to Fife Council on behalf of the town.

The consultation being carried out by Fife Council forms part of the Main Issues Report which is examining all the local development plans and will be reviewing how onshore wind farm development will fit into the existing local plans.

Councillor Alex Rowley has stated;

I have received many letters from Community Councils regarding land based wind turbines and I am aware of the concern that exists within many communities about where it is appropriate to locate such structures. I gave a commitment to review the current policies earlier this year and to engage with communities as part of that review.

Fife Council will consult members of the public as part of the review of its onshore wind energy spatial strategy, policies and guidance. As was agreed at Planning Committees on 23 August 2012 and 15 November 2012 this will be carried out as part of the Main Issues Report process for the emerging Local Development Plan.

Public consultation will begin on 14 January 2013 and will run for 8 weeks to 10 March 2013. Public drop in events will be held in the seven Area Committee areas within this period. Details of these will follow shortly.

This gives you the opportunity to make your views known on the proposed changes before the updates to the Council’s current guidance are implemented later in 2013.

Chairperson Stevie Murray is encouraging local residents to get in touch and provide feedback to the Lochgelly Community Council to ensure that the Community Council is representing a broad range of local opinion.

For further details about the consultation and development plans, you can visit http://www.fifedirect.org.uk/developmentplan and http://www.fifedirect.org.uk/windenergy

If you wish to give your views to the Community Council you can leave a message in the comments below and we will pass on your comments, or you can email the Community Council directly at: secretary@cc.lochgelly.org.uk, or attend the next meeting on the 13th February 2013, starting from 7pm at the Royal Oak Community Club.

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