Normally I like to write my poems in the Doric, this one takes on a different slant. I wanted to express how it feels to look out upon a wind farm every single day, how they dominate the sky-line and views.


Freedom to look at the sky, to watch the geese fly by,
Freedom to want green fields, to want wildlife to thrive,
Freedom to want meadows not ripped apart by machines,
Freedom to speak without fear of attack,
Freedom to question dubious claims, to know all the facts,
Freedom from spiel and sleek, snake-oil speak.

Freedom to look upon green land and countryside,
To see a sky-line without looming steel-machines,
Giant blades casting their shadow, flicker ‘cross homes,
Freedom to live without their constant demands,
Of movement and noise, escape there is none.

Simplicity of watching the geese, will the blades destroy their flight?
Grief at the destruction of the buzzards nest, will the Rookery survive?
Freedom to look at the sky, simply to watch the birds flying by.

Roads appearing across the fields,
Sweet meadow life ripped away to make space,
Great towers of steel take the place of the trees,
Surrounding our towns with giant machines.

Powerful lobbyists do ensure, millions passing hands,
Pay off the community, destroying their land,
What price our sky-line, our peace of mind?

The people don’t matter, only money and power,
Put on a powerful show, quiet now, we’re in control,
Voices of dissent will be silenced; all the buzz words will be fired.

“Green, Green, Green” goes out the chant, ignoring tons of concrete and steel,
They call the scheme, “magnificent towers”, imposing their money dream,
Costing the earth, powering nothing, fuel bills rise,
Only steel, concrete, roads, destruction, but no care for the land.

As you look up and see the mighty towers, the blades spinning and grinning,
Where is your sky, where is your land, taken by the powers,
Lay your head down in grief, as your land of birth disappears,
The Freeman enslaved, when will Freedom be ours?


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