Fife Council have recently announced a very large consultation process which will be examining all the local development plans, Fife wide, as well as conducting a consultation into onshore wind energy development.

We have had a preliminary look at the consultation and have noted that access to information and documents, is not quite as straight forward as it could have been.

Part of the difficulty faced by Fife Council is the size of the consultation process, the different categories that the consultation relates to, and as with any Bureaucracy, the amount of paperwork filled with technical terms and complex legalese. We certainly don’t envy Fife Council employees for the amount of paperwork they have to process.

One of the main issues for us, is the way the information has been shared on the Fife Direct site, split over several sections, links within links, which make navigating the site and relevant documents a tad confusing. In total we found 5 sections that allow login for dealing with the various consultation exercises connected to the FIFEplan, and a sixth section which deals with the Onshore Wind consultation, which does not have a dedicated feedback mechanism in place, instead requiring users to provide feedback through the Main Issues Report.

So far we have crawled through all the sections of the consultation to gather all the documents connected to the consultation in one place, and have found a total of 46 documents, that amount to a staggering 1693 pages.

We have decided to put together an easy guide for the Lochgelly area, that will solely focus on consultation within the local community, rather than the Fife wide consultation, but for this article, we are distributing all the documents in one location and providing links to the consultation pages.


FIFEplan Documents (186.06Mb):

Consultation Portals

FIFEplan – Main Issues Report:

FIFEplan SEA Environmental Report Version 1:

Housing Land Supplementary Planning Guidance:

Green Infrastructure Supplementary Planning Guidance:

Planning Obligations SPG:

Local Information

We are going to be examining all the documents and will extract and publish any information relating directly to Lochgelly and the surrounding communities, to attempt to break down the information in an easier to use format that directly relates to the local area.

This will take a few weeks to complete, so we will release the information on a daily basis. The consultation is being held between 14th January 2013 until the 10th March 2013. You can find further information at: Main Issues Report consultation.

The onshore wind energy development consultation will be treated separately and we will publish information relating to the Central Fife area.

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  1. John Mc.

    January 21, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    It isn’t really a proper consultation if people don’t know about it, or can’t find it on the fife council website, or if people do find all the various papers, its just too complicated to understand. Possibly just a tick-box exercise by fife council, saying yes, the people have been consulted, its rubbish! The joke used to be that planning consultations were always made available to the public, the notice board was clearly situated in the basement behind the filing cabinets, now the same thing still happens only the notices are buried within the website, a complete joke. Consulting the public? Why can’t they just use plain talking and let us know what’s happening?


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