Recently the Central Fife Times announced the first industrial turbine being completed at the Westfield site, we’ve had a look at the site from the Public Park, and currently there is three turbines completed which are very visible from the park and for some residents in Lochgelly.

News was also sent to us regarding the application for another wind farm at Dundonald by Ore Valley Housing Association, this is the second application by Ore Valley that we are aware of, but the first application in the Lochgelly and Cardenden ward.

Therefore we have updated the map of all the industrial turbines currently approved or seeking consent in the Central Fife area, to get an idea on all the potential developments and visual impacts on the local community:

View Central Fife – Turbines in a larger map

All of the Industrial Wind Turbines listed in the map above have all been identified by the developers as having a medium, to severe visual impact on the Lochgelly area.

Westfield Wind Farm

The Westfield Wind Farm is being developed by Infinis and was approved by Fife Council despite heavy objections to the application. The site will comprise of 5 x 360ft turbines, and all 5 turbines will be visible from Lochgelly, as can be seen in the below ZTV provided by the developer.

Westfield Visual Impact
Westfield Visual Impact

The construction of the industrial power plant is expected to be complete by Spring 2013. You can learn more about the development at:

Dundonald Wind Farm

Another developer that will profit from the generous subsidies on offer is Ore Valley Housing Association who have submitted another industrial turbine application, this time for the Dundonald area.

The application is for a single turbine at 326ft, however, if they are developing a wind energy project, a single turbine will not be cost effective, so it is likely that if approval is given, additional turbines will be sought.

The turbine will visually impact on the Lochgelly area as can be seen in the ZTV supplied by the developer.

Dundonald Visual Impact
Dundonald Visual Impact

The red indicates where the turbine will be mostly visible in it’s entirety. The yellow indicates where the nacelle, blades and the tower will be partially visible. The blue indicates where only the blade tips will be visible.

Whilst Lochgelly will not be negatively impacted by Noise Pollution, Shadow Flicker, TV & Radio interference or Health Impacts, the area will be visually impacted upon, as well as the cumulative visual impact, especially if all the developments that we have mapped are approved.

The development has recently been submitted and comments can be made at:

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  1. S. Whyte

    January 3, 2013 at 9:36 am

    This is beyond a joke. Little Raith is already a disgrace, imposing these industrial power plants on thousands of households, especially if you’re living right up close to them, they’re totally in your face. Once they’re all built, we’re surrounded by them, The only ‘opening’ left is the stretch from the Meadies to Kelty, and they were trying to get 14 turbines along that stretch, thankfully turned down, (for now.)

    This is a serious issue, the council need to stop and think what they’re imposing on our communities, they’re allowing us to be surrounding by industrial power plants, because this is what they are.

    Maybe it’s a plan already, dump the lot in Central Fife, then we can tick the boxes and keep the richer areas clean. Nobody’s touching Edinburgh, don’t they use more energy than us. Although, I wouldn’t have these monster turbines built anywhere in Scotland, they are a con, just look at the thousands of abandoned and rusting turbines littering America.

    A money-scam, producing very little electricity when compared to the costs in subsidies and the enviromental damage they cause.

    Did we have any real say in whether we wanted our towns surrounded by giant bird-chppers! What about our health, the knock-on effect on the value of our homes, our views, the wildlife. Not green and certainly not fair!


  2. No Future

    January 3, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Little Raith is a disgrace and should never have been built, and what a shame for Kinglassie. I seen the turbines at the park and they are another f*****g disgrace and eyesore, and what the hell are Ore Valley playing it, greedy subsidy sucking bottom feeders.


  3. Anon

    January 3, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Keep the posh areas free from turbines and dump them in our towns. Thanks Fife Council.


  4. Alex

    January 3, 2013 at 10:25 pm

    This is geting too much. Surely this area has doen enough for Fife and Scotland by housing Little Raith and the Moss. Let some other areas take theburden for these constructions.

    I used to support wind farms but not now. Too much of a rush to build everywhere. I still support renewables in principle if they are proven to work.


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