With the cold weather upon us and the increasing chance of snow, one site worth following is Fife Weather (www.fifeweather.co.uk) which is a weather station built in Lochgelly and operated by a local resident, Graham.

The site has recently had an overhaul, with a completely new look, and in our opinion, making it easier to find information about the local weather and wider Fife weather.

Not only has Graham created this weather station, but he has also converted a range rover into a purpose built mobile weather lab, completely unique to the UK.

The mobile weather lab is available for hire for events, both locally and across the UK. As well as being available for events hire, Graham does important work in the education sector, touring his mobile lab and providing workshops at primary and secondary schools, with more specialised education workshops available for universities and colleges.

His work has received high recognition from Professor Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society;

The mobile weather laboratory that Graham has created is a fantastic facility and something we are very lucky to have available in the UK. It’s been a very popular addition to several of our science festivals and public events and Graham has an excellent way of engaging all ages in the fascination of observing the weather, but also in how these observations help us improve out understanding of weather features and events – a real example of fun and learning all rolled in to one.

Grahams work is testament to the ingenuity of Lochgelly residents, and is one of many things, that help keep Lochgelly unique and special.

For those that are interested in our local weather (and whether or not we will be getting snow), local temperatures are staying at the minus, and by the evening it is set to drop to -5, with a possibility of some snow later in the evening.

Temperatures will rise slightly for the rest of the week, with Friday and Saturday having the highest predicted temperatures topping 6°C at the peak. However Wednesday and Thursday will be very cold with Wednesday staying at -1°C and Thursday dropping to -4°C. Apart from the possibility of some light snow later on tonight, snow isn’t expected to fall until next Sunday.

Support the Elderly

With the cold weather now upon us, people are being reminded to look out for each other, especially our elderly residents, to help keep them safe and warm throughout the winter months. This is more important than ever, with a staggering 1 in every 4 homes suffering from fuel poverty.

If you have any elderly neighbours please check up on them daily to ensure they are keeping warm and give them that extra bit of support.

With roads and pathways icier, some of our elderly residents will be struggling to get supplies from the local shops. If you can help get supplies, or assist them back and forward to shops, please do, they will greatly appreciate your help.

Likewise, if you have some spare time, help the elderly residents by making sure their pathways are clear of ice and snow, and if possible help clear some of the public pathways.

To stay up to date of the local weather and the work of Graham, please visit/follow one of the below sites:

Tips on staying warm this winter, and help you can provide for the elderly are available below:

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