With Christmas almost here, we thought we’d take a wee break and share some classic Christmas films and cartoons. As always, the videos we have selected are completely free and legal to view online. We hope you enjoy 🙂

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Stop Motion Animation

Donner the reindeers wife gives birth to Rudolph, who has an unusual glowing noise. Santa visits the reindeers to congratulate them on their new born, but warns them that Rudolph will not be eligible to pull the sleigh if his nose continues to glow. A year later Rudolph enters the Santa sleigh competition and befriends Flamer and a doe, Clarice.

Unknown to them, Rudolph has a glowing red nose, which he has been hiding by covering it in dirt. When they find out, Rudolph is segregated by his friends and peers, except for Clarice who stays by the side of Rudolph, and with the help of Clarice, Rudolph manages to overcome discrimination.

Free Download: Avi File (700Mb)

Jack Frost


Jack Frost arrives in the forest, painting the leaves on the trees, pumpkins and anything else and warning the animals to prepare for the winter. An inquisitive young grizzly bear decides that he wants to see what the world looks like when everyone else is hibernating. When Old Man Winter catches him unawares, however, he needs Jack Frost’s help in getting back home to his warm bed.

Free Download: MP4 File (35.2Mb)

Santa’s Surprise


Five children from around the world follow Santa home on Christmas Eve, and decide to give him some extra help around the workshop.

Free Download: MP4 File (32.1Mb)

Christmas Comes But Once A Year


The 15th in Fleischer Studios’ Color Classics series of cartoons, in which orphans receive defective Christmas presents, and Professor Grampy comes to the rescue.

Free Download: Avi File (34.5Mb)

Snow Foolin’

Sing Along Animation

Various animals prepare for winter and enjoy a variety of winter sports. A hen invites us to follow her bouncing egg and sing along to Jingle Bells. Finally, a turtle dispenses hot coffee to a bird on her nest.

Free Download: MP4 File (23.9Mb)

Further Information

All of the above films/cartoons are released into the public domain and are completely free and legal to watch online or download.

Merry Christmas 🙂

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