A new wind farm application is currently winding it’s way through the planning process which will provide another detrimental visual impact for Auchtertool, Cardenden, Lochgelly, Cowdenbeath and further afield if approved.

Clentrie Wind Farm developed by ‘Renewable Energy Ventures Limited’, if approved, will be 3 x 326ft industrial wind turbines, and will be located in close proximity to Little Raith Wind Farm, which is 9x410ft industrial wind turbines.

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Although the current application is for turbines at 326ft, there is no guarantee, that if approved, the developer might seek to have the turbine heights increased, as what has already happened with Little Raith Wind Farm.

Cumulative Visual Impact

The developer has already been criticised by Scottish Natural Heritage regarding their visual impact assessments and photo montages;

The actual extent of combined visibility is not fully clear from the submitted ZTVs or the LVIA. Given the potential screening effect of local landform and woodland we would have expected to see a cumulative ZTV of greater detail than submitted.

Regarding the cumulative visual impact, Scottish Natural Heritage state;

The most widespread impacts of this application are the potential cumulative landscape and visual impacts of the Gevens turbines with other consented and proposed schemes in the area and in particular in combination with the nine turbines under construction at Little Raith located about 2 km to the west. The Mossmorran chimney and associated chemical works are also relevant as they are highly visible in the local landscape.

The proposed schemes at Mossmorran (2 turbines @100m) and at Hill of Beath (aka Kingdom of Fife Community Windfarm, 4 turbines @ 125m) lie respectively within 5 and 8km of the application site. Should these schemes be consented, then Gevens would be the fourth distinctly separate windfarm within an area approximately 10km x 2km. Local settlements such as Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly and Cardenden would be dominated by windfarm development – and this in addition to the Mossmorran chemical works which is already a striking feature on the skyline from these settlements.

The visual impact assessments submitted by the developer, show that the wind farm will visually impact on all the local areas, and will be visible from as far as Edinburgh.

Visual Impact
Visual Impact

Community Benefit

The developer has made an offer for a Community Benefit, £3000 per megawatt, which is more than what has been offered and agreed upon for Little Raith Wind Farm. The Community Benefit is only being offered to Auchtertool Community Council even though several local communities will be visually impacted by the development.

Auchtertool Community Council has already objected to the development, regardless of the Community Benefit, and they were the only Community Council to object to Little Raith Wind Farm.

Planning Objections

Currently, there is 12 objections to the planning application which means that the planning application cannot be decided by Fife Council under delegated powers.

If you wish to object to the wind farm development, you can register an account at: http://planning.fife.gov.uk/online.

Once registered, visit: http://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=LRXDMMHF0O100 and submit your objection online.

If you do not wish to register an account, you can submit an objection by Email or post;

Send an Email to: development.central@fife.gov.uk quoting the planning reference number (11/04794/EIA) and include your address with the objection.

By Post: Send a letter, detailing your objection, include your address and the planning application reference number, to:

Development Services,
Forth House,
Abbotshall Rd,

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  1. J. Adams

    November 12, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Little Raith is an eyesore, totally dominates the horizon, no longer able to look out the windows without seeing the turbines, they are totally ‘in your face.’ The residents at the top end of Lochgelly are being treated unfairly, saddled with Mossmorran, a wind farm with giant turbines, and a dual-carriageway. Now we’re told we’re being asked to put up with even more turbines to the right and left of Little Raith, its just crazy! Enough really is enough! Are we the dumping ground for Fife, keep the other areas pretty by dumping all the turbines in our area? Our quality of life has went down with the building of the turbines, it was bad enough living with Mossmorran, the wind farm just seals the deal.


  2. callum

    December 5, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    The wind turbines have to go some where,and where is the right place.Is it a case of not in my back yard.Me, i think they are a great thing,my only complaint would be,more of the work should go to local companies and more of the money going those affected by the turbines,not all going to just the land owners.


  3. J. Hill

    December 6, 2012 at 6:54 am

    I have a petro-chemical plant and a dual-carriageway in my back-yard, so reckon we have our fair share of back-yard industry. The wind farm was/is an industry too much! Anyway, the wind industry is a scam, makes some folk a load of money, isn’t particularly green when it comes to its effect on the land and in its production, steel, concrete, precious metals. Bird/bat kills, ill-health, etc., really I’m all for not in anyone’s back yard! In the main, the developers and their PR reps. don’t have them in their back yards, just prefer to blight the countryside and other folks life’s with these monsters… and no, I don’t like them at all, eyesores, and they ruin the land.

    Research the truth: http://www.wind-watch.org/


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