We have been hearing rumours for several weeks that Lomond Homes will be closing down their companies, possibly in the month of December.

As we have previously reported Lomond Homes has a £300,000 outstanding debt with Lochgelly, and incomplete works at the New Farm Vale site. Lomond Homes have a total of £669,400 debt and agreed works (incomplete) across Fife, through Section 75 Agreements.

Local Councillor Mark Hood has recently made calls in the Central Fife Times for the developer to be straight about the unpaid Section 75;

Lochgelly is not a wealthy community and the £300,000 owed by Lomond Homes will make a real difference to people’s lives in the town. The new facilities this money will provide are targeted at improving the lives of local children to improve the facilities in our local schools.

“Many people in the community will remember the promises being made by Lomond Homes when they were seeking planning permission for the site in Lochgelly and to date, they have failed to keep their promises. I think it’s time that Mr Ritchie is straight with people in Lochgelly.

As yet, work at New Farm Vales have still to be completed and the developer has been criticised for starting a pathway into the Public Park, which some believe the developer has no intention of completing, especially since local rumours are suggesting the company will close shortly.

Adding fuel to the rumours, is the recent withdrawal of the application at the Avenues by Lomond Homes subsidiary, Lomond the Avenues. The application(s) (12/02693/FULL, 06/03841/WFULL, and 07/00261/WFULL) was withdrawn on the 13th November.

This ongoing problem since at least 2010 has not only affected Lochgelly, but communities across Fife. Residents at Blairhall Comrie Castle have been facing similar issues to residents at New Farm Vales, incomplete road works and other constructions, etc. which has driven residents to seek answers and publicise their issues through a Facebook Page.

As reported on their page (our bold for emphasis);

It appears that Lomond Homes are to be wound up in December according to the Lomond staff who have been on site recently. The only branch of the Lomond Group to continue trading will be called ‘Lomond the Avenues‘.

Where this leaves the estate regarding the completion is anybody’s guess. I have tried contacting Fife Council and local Councillors however I am receiving very little or no information. As taxpayers I hoped we would receive better attention and respect than we are receiving about the estate that we reside on. All very disappointing and frustrating.

If Lomond Homes dissolve their various companies and reform under a new name, then they will not be held legally accountable to any Section 75 Agreement, previously agreed upon.

The site continues to report that the completion of roads are imminent, with equipment arriving to complete the works. While local users are glad that the work will finally be completed, it is noted by a resident that it needs to be checked out to see if there will be spare money left to finish the paths and landscaping which is currently not covered by the bond in place.

The Kennoway community has also been having issues with Lomond Homes, namely unfinished roads, landscaping and financial contributions all agreed under a Section 75 Agreement.

With an outstanding financial debt of £669,400 debt and agreed upon works currently incomplete, how many other communities across Fife have been affected by Lomond Homes failing to meet their Section 75 Agreements? Another question that needs to be asked, is that if Lomond Homes goes into receivership, what will it cost the Fife tax payer and residents of Lomond Homes developments to have their roads, pathways and lightning completed and brought up to grade?

Mark Hood has continued to state in local press;

I’ve highlighted these concerns in the community and I’m looking for Mr Ritchie to fulfill the commitments Lomond Homes made back in 2007. If the worst happens and we don’t receive the payments I’ll be looking for an independent inquiry into the way Lomond Homes have conducted themselves.

What do you think? Should an independent inquiry be held about the conduct of Lomond Homes? Please vote on the poll below or leave a comment.

Should an independent inquiry be held investigating the conduct of Lomond Homes?

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  • No (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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  1. alan

    November 21, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    an inquiry should be held into who at fife council were party to lomond homes getting such generous section 75 conditions and why stronger action hasnt been taken against them so far


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