HarleyThe lost kitten has now been returned to his rightful owner, thanks to Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue (http://www.sunnyharbour.org.uk/), who managed to trace the owner, and get them to contact us.

The kitten is named ‘Harley’ and is almost 5 months old, which surprised us, as he is such a small kitten. Harley had managed to sneak out the house during the day, and the owners had been searching for him, with no luck.

Harley was collected from the home of our volunteer in the early afternoon. Harley and the owner looked happy to be reunited with each other.

The owner was relieved that Harley was safe and was looked after, as they had a sleepless night worrying over Harley and hoping he was safe. We were glad we could help.

The owners thanked us, but also wanted to say thanks to the residents who helped raise awareness, and to Sunny Harbour for letting them know that Harley was safe and where they could collect him.

Below is some pictures of Harley in his rightful home, a nice happy outcome for everyone 🙂

For further information about Sunny Harbour and the work they do, please visit: http://www.sunnyharbour.org.uk/

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