Lost Kitten

One of our volunteers was letting out their cat, when a kitten (pictured above) ran into their home. The kitten appeared to be getting harassed by a black tam cat. Since it is so cold, the volunteer is going to look after the kitten tonight, as they are worried that the the cold is too severe for the kitten.

The kitten is a male cat, very young, around 2-3 months, a light, dusty, almost ginger colour. The kitten looks very healthy and clean, so we’re assuming the kitten was chased out of it’s garden by the black cat, and has managed to get lost.

The volunteer who is currently looking after the kitten, has other cats, so it is being well looked after. The kitten has had some food and is getting on fine with the other cat, and is currently resting.

The volunteer will continue to look after the kitten until the owner can be traced. We are aware that the owner may not have internet access or visit this site, so if anyone recognises the kitten and knows the owner, please let them know that their kitten has been found and is being looked after.

Cat has been reunited with owner

  • Harley

    Kitten Returned to Owner

    The lost kitten has now been returned to his rightful owner, thanks to Sunny Harbour Cat &…
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