The Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights project would like to thank everyone in Lochgelly for showing their support for the lights this year.

The project would like to highlight some of the work involved and the costs associated with getting the lights for Lochgelly, as well as highlight future plans to make the Lochgelly Christmas Lights, brighter and better.

Chairperson for the group, Eileen McKenna has stated; ‘We need around £5000-£6000 to raise for the lights every year, and this cost is set to rise next year as we are looking to get lights along the Main Street, towards the West End Bar. This will require more fund-raising to be conducted as each additional light will cost £500 to adapt the street lights to accommodate the lights.

This year there was additional costs, as the maintenance of the lights required all of the bulbs to be upgraded. We managed to raise the funds, but there was a worry that we would not be able to meet all the costs. Thankfully through local support and donations, we were able to overcome some of the financial difficulties faced by the group

Planning for the lights start as soon as the Lochgelly Gala is finished and the work is carried out by a range of individuals representing other groups, all working together to furnish Lochgelly with lights for the benefit of the children and families.

Treasurer, Helen Ross remarks that ‘Funding is getting harder to obtain each year, but we have had a fantastic response from some of the local groups and businesses, including a substantial financial donation from Fife Council and monies from ExxonMobil

Eileen McKenna adds ‘There has been a very strong commitment from the local community to make this years Christmas Lights the best so far, and we are working hard to make next year even better. All this work has been made possible through the hard work of volunteers, residents showing their support, and other community groups all working together

Future plans for the Christmas Lights include the Lochgelly Community Development Forum test trialing a charity shop for twelve weeks, which will be opening next week. All the funds raised through sales of goods will be reinvested to supporting the Lochgelly Gala and Lochgelly Christmas Lights.

If the shop is successful for the twelve week trial, we will be looking to create a permanent charity shop. The shop will help make the Christmas Lights and Lochgelly Gala more sustainable, and allow both projects to be less reliant on funding, which is getting harder to obtain every year with escalating costs.‘ adds McKenna.

The Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights is always looking for other groups and individuals to get involved to help with the planning, organisation and fund raising aspects of the project, and are seeking volunteers from the local community.

We are always looking for more local support, we have a dedicated team of volunteers but more is always welcomed. We are a friendly and hardworking group and have voluntary places suitable for all ages and abilities

If anyone would like to volunteer their time and provide the group with additional support, please contact the Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights c/o the Lochgelly Community Development Forum on 01592 783 442, or email

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