Apologies first of all for previously posting a video and then removing it. There was a typo that was bugging us and we were asked if we could include others in the credits. We’ve now made corrections to the video and uploaded the new version, which can be viewed below.

For those that saw the original, the only change is to the credits with some additional footage towards the end. For those that haven’t seen the video yet, we hope you enjoy.

Information & Credits

The Lochgelly Community Christmas Lights is a Social Partnership in Lochgelly, between individuals and other local non-profit community groups. At the core of the lights development is the Lochgelly Community Development Forum (www.lcdf.org.uk) who work hard to arrange events and activities to raise funds for the lights, and co-ordinate the project on a daily basis.

The work of the LCDF is supported by many local groups and individuals, who all pull their resources together to help enable Christmas Lights for the Lochgelly area.

The following is a comprehensive list (in no particular order) of all those that were involved in the Christmas Lights in some capacity, from volunteering support, fund raising, and donations;

  • Mr & Mrs Claus
  • Chrissy Scott (Citizen of the Year 2011)
  • Alex Lawson
  • George Courts
  • Community Wardens
  • Fife Council
  • Lorraine Mullens
  • Margaret King
  • Hazel Cross
  • Lochgelly High School Wind Band
  • Lochgelly High School Pipe Band
  • Bill Paul
  • Friends of Lochgelly Musical Society
  • All the stall holders
  • All the volunteers on the day
  • Lochgelly Community Council
  • Lochgelly Women’s Group
  • ExxonMobil
  • Royal Oak Community Club
  • Lochgelly & Benarty Credit Union
  • Ore Valley Housing Association
  • Loch of Shining Waters
  • Baynes the Bakers
  • Brian Schulz (Lochgelly Community Councillor)
  • Dod Kinnell (Lochgelly Community Councillor)
  • St Serfs
  • Staff at Lochgelly Town Hall
  • Tam Durham
  • Local businesses for helping to raise funds via tin collections

We apologise if we have missed anyone out of the list. Corrections are welcomed, please just contact us and we will make any necessary updates.

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