Since launching the Air Quality petition, this is now being led by the Lochgelly Community Council, who have put petitions in some of the local shops and have been going door-to-door to collect signatures. Our group is continuing to provide support and making contact with councillors, MSPs, other groups, as well as making a variety of Freedom of Information requests to get as much data as possible about Mossmorran and current practices.

We have also noticed local councillor Mark Hood is seeking a review to the Air Quality in the local area, and other Community Councils are also raising different concerns regarding the impacts of Mossmorran in their local communities.

Living in Lochgelly, we are well aware of what a majority of residents concerns are regarding the Mossmorran complex, however the majority of our shared concerns in this town is always spread through word of mouth, and there is little to no record in the public domain, other than comments on various websites that highlight some peoples concerns regarding Mossmorran.

Without having local concerns in the public domain, and feeding back into local groups, the local authority and the Scottish Government, our local concerns can be easily ignored.

We have created a short survey, which will take around 5-15 minutes to complete, regarding local perception of the Mossmorran complex. The survey focuses on the potential environmental, health and safety impacts.

It is a general survey, just to gather what the perception of Mossmorran is in the local areas. This survey is not just localised to Lochgelly, but takes into consideration, residents perceptions from the surrounding and wider areas (Ballingry, Cardenden, Crossgates, etc.).

This survey will help identify what concerns there are in the various local communities, and allow local representative groups to formulate a plan of action to address and resolve local concerns.

All data entered into the survey is completely anonymous, we do not collect any personal identifiable data (names, addresses, emails, etc.), nor do we use cookies, timestamps, or collect IP addresses. We have also took the steps to install survey software on the server, so the data is not being collected by any 3rd parties.

All the data from the survey will be released into the public domain at regular intervals, and we will also pass on the data to the various Community Councils.

If enough people complete the survey, we will have enough information about the various concerns in each community, and can therefore start to get some of our concerns addressed publicly, and for the concerns that cannot be addressed, we can get measures put in place to reduce or resolve any potential negative impacts.

To take the survey, please visit:

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  1. Maria

    October 8, 2012 at 6:35 pm

    Sunday night, 7th Oct. Another sleepness night because of the flaring of Mossmorran! The constant, pulsating flare, and the rumbling, vibrations sounding like a jet plane hovering over the house. Maybe they should issue us with black-out curtains and ear-plugs, don’t suppose they’ll issue us with compensation, an apology just doesn’t cut it. Exhausted today and just sick fed-up of the Moss, the turbines, and the sheer amount of disregard for the people up the top of the town!


  2. Stephen and Ross

    October 10, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Greetings from Edinburgh,

    We live on a fifth floor flat on the Royal Mile and the flare has been impossible to miss these last 3 or 4 days. We can only imagine what it must be like living nearby as the flare can be see flickering, lighting up the sky and illuminating the Forth. It must be so unpleasant for local residents as the above comment suggests.


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