The Tunnel
The Tunnel
Continuing our countdown to Halloween, we are showcasing the second legal and free film that is available to watch online.

This time we are highlighting an Australian film that used crowd-funding techniques to raise money for the film to be produced. Crowd-funding is a way to gather financial support for a project via donations online. Unfortunately, the producers were only able to raise $36,000 (Australian Dollars), but still managed to produce a quality film, which was filmed in the space of 14 days. Another unique aspect about the film, is that the producers distributed the film for free through various torrent networks, which are often criticised for illegal file sharing of copyright content.

Synopsis: A journalist and film crew are investigating a government cover-up which leads them into a network of abandoned tunnels underneath Sydney. As they investigate the story it becomes clear that they are not alone in the tunnels, and something is hunting them.

The Tunnel – Rating 14(A)

If you have any difficulty streaming the movie, you can view it at YouTube

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