Night of the Living Dead
Night of the Living Dead
Our third legal film is a black and white classic by George A Romero; Night of the Living Dead, one of the first Zombie films ever to be produced back in 1968.

The film is considered part of the public domain due to a mistake by the original distributor (Walter Reade Organisation) who neglected to place the proper copyright indications on the print. This allows the film to be legally & freely available to watch online or download through various torrent sites. If you want to download a copy of the film, the best place is the Internet Archive which has provided various versions in differing quality and video formats (

Synopsis: A group of survivors converge on a farmhouse, where they remain in a battle of survival against a zombie horde and each other as tensions mount and attitudes differ.

Night of the Living Dead

If you are having difficulty playing back this video, you can watch it on YouTube or the Internet Archive.

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