Admin Note: Published on behalf of Fife Ethylene Plant

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen technical difficulties, additional work is now required to complete the turnaround at the Fife Ethylene Plant.

This is expected to take several more weeks to complete and during this repair there will be periods of elevated flaring.

We apologise to all our neighbours for the added disturbance and would like to assure everyone that we are doing all we can to complete the work as soon as possible and to keep flaring to a minimum.

Admin Note: Any concerns should be raised to SEPA so they can keep track of any local concerns and complaints. You can contact SEPA on:

We are also conducting a survey regarding Mossmorran, if you have a few minutes to spare, please complete the Mossmoran Perception Study

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  1. chic

    October 11, 2012 at 10:46 am

    the flaring is bad enough but what about all the pollutants being pumped into the air that have been hanging over the area , i watched the clouds of so called steam gathering over the site from early wed morning and during the dark hours of night , but this morning thurs 11th oct i photographed the massive clouds of smoke that covered the whole of the area above us and was being carried over the local communities, i live in watson st cowdenbeath which is one of the closest residential houses to mossmorran and the giant fans that have been so kindly given to us without our consultation i have this morning made a complaint to s.e.p.a and i hope others will do the same , the photos i took regards mossmorran i have put on disc and will send to s.e.p.a with a letter so it will be recorded


    • Lochgelly

      October 11, 2012 at 11:57 am

      We’ve put in a complaint as well, hopefully others will as well, as the more that report to SEPA the more issues have to be investigated, it all helps to hold Mossmorran more accountable. Well done on getting the images, is there any chance you can send us a copy as well?

      We were at the Lochgelly Community Council meeting last night, an interesting complaint was made about Mossmorran from the window cleaners in the local area. The ‘steam’ clouds that gathered above Mossmorran had put a thin layer of grease on people’s windows, making them harder to clean, the window cleaners were in no doubt that it was from Mossmorran.


  2. Maria

    October 11, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    After 5 days of constant flaring and noise, my health is being affected. I have a chronic condition and the noise just becomes too much, its like living with a jet plane roaring above your roof. I can hear it in the house even with all the doors and windows closed. Sleep has been disturbed every night, the flame lits up the room even with the curtains closed, and I have been using headphones to try and blot out the noise, but I can still hear it. All day and all night, constant noise, its just too much!Yes, will be putting a complaint in also. When you look out the window and see the flare and the night sky lit up, along with the turbines, its just a nightmare. Obviously the people who plan these things and make money from them have very little regard for the people who have to live beside them, its sad.


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