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Its official, I now live next door to a wind farm, 1.6km to be precise…lets forget the official guidelines of a 2km set-back, guidelines can be ignored.

 The Day of the Triffids

Encarta Dictionary definition: a fictional deadly plant.
A very large fictional plant capable of moving about and killing people, or any large plant thought to resemble a triffid.

A Wind Farm: A swagger of very large wind turbines congregating together to form an industrial power plant…rapidly multiplying throughout the land…visible for many miles…known to kill bats and birds, and create illness in human beings.

This is what the wind farms and the giant turbines remind me of…alien beings stalking our lands, taking root in front of our homes, villages and towns, parading across our mountains, basking in our seas…giant steel structures taking root and casting their shadows across our skies.

The Day of the Triffids is a post-apocalyptic novel about aggressive plants taking over the world, published in 1951 by the English science fiction author John Wyndham.

Plot summary

The protagonist is Bill Masen, who has made his living working with “triffids”—tall plants capable of aggressive and seemingly intelligent behaviour. They are able to move about by “walking” on their roots, appear to communicate with each other, and possess a deadly whip-like poisonous sting that enables them to kill and feed on the rotting carcasses of their victims. Triffids begin sprouting all over the world, and the result is worldwide cultivation of triffids.

Mmm, sounds so similar. A nice wee video that illustrates the point is: The Turbines are Coming by achnandarrach:

Does it not strike anyone as ironic that trees and hedgerows are destroyed in the building of a wind farm, that large access roads are built, and that it takes tons of concrete poured into the ground to hold these giants upright. Steel-production? Concrete production? Rare metals mined in China turning clean lakes into toxic lakes? Clean, green, smiling, dazzling-white-teeth energy…mmm, spin, spin, spin. I’ve heard them called “bird-choppers,” and this at least appears to be true.

I look to the South and see the turbines, I look to the West and see the turbines, but its ok ‘cos I can still look to the East and the North and see a skyline and a view that doesn’t have any turbines… what do you mean, they will be building them there also? Surely not, surely we won’t end up being surrounded by turbines? Well, just go and have a wee look at how many plans are being put forward… plans approved, plans awaiting approval, new plans, more plans, can we just squeeze another one in there please, and can we just add a touch more to the height… what only 413 feet, hey we have new super-duper turbines at 450 feet, can we install them please…

Turbine One is up and it’s a biggie! Through the week I played at ‘Spot the Turbine’ when I was on the bus to Cowdenbeath…seeing the turbine lurking between the street, over the golf-course, peeking through the trees, grinning nastily at me, ha, there is no where for you to hide from the Triffids…soon Turbine One will be joined with another Eight Aliens. Welcome to our neighbourhood? …shiver?

Well, enough of my meanderings for today…

Maria McKintosh…officially living next to a wind farm.

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One Comment

  1. Lochgelly

    September 2, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Thank you for posting and sharing the images. A couple of us has been up in the area on a daily basis monitoring the wind farm. The turbine is bigger than what we expected, that area will never be the same again.

    With the known health impacts from the turbines, and the health impacts from Mossmoran, and the research by the University of Glasgow raising the issues of higher concentrations of pollutants dispersed in the local area, I am not sure what kind of impact is in store for the top of the town.

    We personally feel it’s an absolute scandal, considering the risks identified in the research. It is the only wind farm in the UK to be put next to an Ethylene Plant, so there is an option to push for some resolution to the existing concerns people have over Mossmorran.

    We are going to push for the Community Council, who has the legal recognition and authority, to get independent studies done, and protections installed into the local community.


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