We’ve been offline for the past week with intermittent technical issues which resulted in the corruption of our database. Thankfully our web host; HostPapa (www.hostpapa.co.uk) was able to restore one of our backup files which is a month old, so we have lost some articles and completely lost the new section we were working on.

However, this is a minor setback, and we are very grateful to our web host and technicians that worked with us throughout the week to restore the site without the need to start all over again.

Site Changes

Since becoming a runner-up in the Nominet Internet Awards for 2012, we had started on a range of improvements on the site, as some of the sections of the site is starting to become clumsy and difficult to navigate.

We will be re-branding and upgrading the community section to ensure all local information is up to date. During this upgrade we will be including a free business directory listing all the local businesses based within Lochgelly, as well as highlighting local landmarks and expanding the historic section.

The new section will provide interactive maps, images, and an opportunity for people to suggest inclusions or leave their own reviews.

Before the site went offline, we had added a new events calendar, this will be implemented again to try and provide a local events guide in the Lochgelly and surrounding areas.

Site Registration

We have currently disabled new users from registering an account, as we have recently seen a spike in users registering to submit spam articles, ranging from real estate tips to how to purchase viagra.

Site registration will be opened up shortly after we have implemented some new security checks to stop the spammers registering accounts, including using black lists and honey pots.

Minor setback and thanks

We’d like to thank the local residents, who took the time to email us and wish us well in getting the site restored. Thanks must also be given to the staff at HostPapa for their hard work in restoring the site.

Lastly, we would like to thank a regular site contributor, Jayson Mannings for sharing with us a panoramic picture of the Gelly Loch (https://twitter.com/veganbear/status/227030975836745728/photo/1) while the site was down. This helped cheer us up and keep us motivated, thanks 😉

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