Just a quick post to let everyone know of a new feature of the site that we are going to test. We have replaced the traditional comments section with something more advanced.

Why ‘Social’?

Since launching the site we have noticed that articles generate feedback on the site, on our Facebook page, and through Twitter, yet all 3 sites have been treated separately, so in essence there is 3 separate discussions all with differing viewpoints happening simultaneously.

We have always wanted to try and find a solution to merge these conversations in the one place, so more people can connect and discuss local issues, without the need to either register on this site, register on twitter, or register on Facebook. Basically allow people to follow and contribute to discussions on the platform they feel most comfortable with using.

In the past we have tried implementing various solutions, but all of them had a major drawback, mainly, 3rd party trackers. We have managed to keep this site free from 3rd party sites tracking user behaviour, and know a few registered users on this site have nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter so we were never comfortable having trackers from those site tracking our users, therefore we kept all 3 sites separate. With the ‘Social’ plugin, there is no 3rd party trackers.

If you look at the comments section below, you can now leave a comment the usual way (site registration details or supplying name and email address), or using your Facebook login details, or Twitter credentials.

Whenever someone replies to one of our tweets, their reply will also be published on the site, this is the same for Facebook. People can also reply to these comments directly from this site, and choose if it should be sent to Twitter or Facebook as well.

Additionally, any user that is creating articles on this site can add their social networks to their profile, so that whenever they create a new article, they can automatically share the article amongst their own contacts (optional) and still tweet the article through the Lochgelly account.

What we are aiming for is to connect the discussions that are going on between the 3 sites, into the one location, as not all of our users use all of the sites, and we feel this may help create more debate and discussions, giving a wider viewpoint.


Privacy is a major concern for us, that is why we have always avoided using any form of 3rd party service. We are only using ‘Social’ as we have thoroughly tested on another site and found the service to be secure and respect the users right to privacy.

  1. We do not store your Facebook or Twitter password, and we do not have access to these.
  2. We are using a plugin called ‘Social‘ which is developed by MailChimp (which will be reffered to as application), who will store your password but cannot access/view your password.
  3. The application can post to your timeline but only if you provide approval first for every time you post a comment on this site or publish an article on this site.
  4. The application can view your timeline to search for replies to an article or comment published on this site and will aggregate the data to the appropriate article/comment.
  5. The application can be revoked at anytime and all stored account data is automatically removed
  6. No 3rd party trackers/beacons/bugs are used


We are only testing the feature out and would love to get your feedback. If people are overall unhappy with the new feature, we will remove it and go back to the previous method we were using, if people overall like the change, we will keep it, so please let us know what you think of the feature, and as always feel free to raise any issues or support concerns in the comments below. Thanks

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