Images showing the view from a single turbine at Little Raith Wind Farm. The first 5 images are how the area looked prior to construction, with the rest highlighting the industrilisation of the countryside. This is the view of the construction of one turbine, there is another 8 similar sites up at Little Raith.

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One Comment

  1. Teresa M.

    May 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    It really is shocking, and to think this is happening all across Scotland, its madness. We’ve kept these area’s ‘green’ and as free of industralisation as possible, and now they’re being allowed to just tear up the land, build roads, pour huge quantities of concrete into the land, all in the name of a bloody flawed technology, which by the way is also costing the tax-payer a fortune! Yeah politics, nae wonder folk didnae bother voting! Totally disillusioned with this industrialisation of our countryside and the politicians who are promoting it! I’m all fro renewable energy but wind turbines are NOT ‘green’. Research, research, the truth is out there.


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