Admin Note: Warning this article contains graphic images of a mutilated swan. If you might find this upsetting please do not view the article.

One of our volunteers was down at the Gelly Loch today, to capture some images of the area to share on the site when they discovered some smashed eggs, and further down the path, a dead swan.

The dead swan has a hole in it’s chest and the head has been cleanly removed.

We have just reported it to the SSPCA, who are currently sending an inspector to collect the carcass and investigate the cause of death.

The swan and smashed eggs were found next to the Loch between the roundabout and turnoff for the Auchtertool road.

Update: We’ve had a call back from the SSPCA, and they suspect it has been a fox. The fox would have targeted the eggs first as the easy option. When the swan went to defend the eggs, the fox would have attacked and removed the head, then ate out the chest, as this is where the most nutrition is.

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