Lochgelly - QR CodeWe are making a call to members of the local community who would like to create and share their local news and views about Lochgelly and the surrounding areas.

There are many local issues within the Lochgelly area, and many positive and negative developments and news, but due to time limitations, we cannot cover every aspect of Lochgelly life.

We are hoping more people will come forward and take the opportunity to contribute to the site, and help bring a wider viewpoint of the Lochgelly area.

What we are looking for……

Basically, any news or views connected to Lochgelly.

  1. Do you have any local concerns?
    Share with us your concerns, and highlight this to the wider community and encourage more open and local debate.
  2. Do you want to promote something positive in the local community?
    Why not let everyone know about it to try and encourage local support, and let others know of improvements in the local community.
  3. Are you a member of a group or non-profit and would like to share your group news?
    We are keen to hear from any non-profit group, whether, charity or voluntary group, youth or elderly group, why not share your news and let others know of the activities you are doing in Lochgelly.
  4. Do you have an interest in local sports?
    Do you follow local football matches, keep track of local sporting events, follow the local motorsport complex, know good places to fish locally? Whatever your sporting interest, why not share it with the wider community.

We are interested in sharing everyone’s views and news, the more people that contribute, the more local issues can be debated for the impact on the wider community, likewise, the more positive news that can be shared locally can help promote the local area to a wider audience.

Lochgelly does have it’s issues, but there is also many positives to the local area, and we would really like for more people to share their viewpoints for a better balance that highlights all aspects of Lochgelly life.

How to share

Sharing is very easy, all you need to do is register an account. Once you have registered, login to your account, and you can choose to write.

Registration is open to everyone, and the only requirement is that your article must be connected to Lochgelly (whether specifically or in general).

If anyone has any difficulties in using their account or publishing an article, just contact us, and we will provide full support.

We hope more people will consider joining and sharing their news and views, and join our regular contributors, such as Lochgelly Tae Kwon Do.

If anyone has any questions about the accounts, any restrictions, requirements, or anything else, please ask in the comments below, or contact us.

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