A report has just been published that shows life expectancy rates in areas across the UK and highlights a great divide in affluent areas versus poor areas.

The report published by the ONS base their figures on a study of 180,000 deaths among 1.5 million members of 51 final salary pension schemes, which removes the poorest pensioners from the figures.

Lochgelly appeared 12th in the list of lowest life expectancies, and by excluding the poorest pensioners from the figures, it could mean the true life expectancy rates could be even starker.

The top 15 areas for life expectancy was in affluent areas of England, while the lowest life expectancy rates was a mixture with the majority of low life expectancies in Scotland.

Lochgelly has a male mortality rate of 85.3 years of age, and females 89.3 years of age.

Top 15 (male mortality, female mortality)

  1. Hinton St George, Somerset: 88.7, 91.6
  2. Aldeburgh, Suffolk: 88.7, 91.6
  3. Frinton-on-Sea, Essex: 88.5, 91.8
  4. Seaview, Isle of Wight: 88.5, 91.5
  5. Ferndown, Dorset: 88.4, 91.5
  6. Lyme Regis, Dorset: 88.4, 91.5
  7. Salcombe, Devon: 88.4, 91.4
  8. Broadstone, Dorset: 88.5, 91.3
  9. Budleigh Salterton, Devon: 88.4, 91.3
  10. Bembridge, Isle of Wight: 88.4, 91.4
  11. Talybont, near Barmouth, Merionethshire, Gwynedd: 88.3, 91.4
  12. Sidmouth, Devon: 88.3, 91.4
  13. Stanmore, Middlesex: 88.5, 91.2
  14. Polegate, Sussex: 88.3, 91.4
  15. Winchelsea, Sussex: 88.2, 91.4

Bottom 15 (male mortality, female mortality)

  1. Bootle, Merseyside: 84.9, 89
  2. Castlederg, County Tyrone: 85, 89.1
  3. Strabane, County Tyrone: 85.1, 89.1
  4. Belfast: 85.3, 89
  5. Saltcoats, Ayrshire: 85.4, 89
  6. Londonderry, 85.3, 89.1
  7. Prestonpans, East Lothian: 85.3, 89.2
  8. Port Glasgow, Invercylde: 85.4, 89.2
  9. Kilbirnie, Ayrshire: 85.4, 89.2
  10. Alloa, Clackmannanshire: 85.4, 89.2
  11. Ardrossan, Ayrshire: 85.4, 89.1
  12. Lochgelly, Fife: 85.3, 89.2
  13. Bellshill, Lanarkshire: 85.4, 89.1
  14. Salford, Greater Manchester: 85.4, 89.2
  15. Stevenston, Ayrshire: 85.4, 89.3

Areas of Concern

Lochgelly is a poor area, and it is well recognised that poorer areas can have an effect on your life expectancy. It does make us question, if a full study was conducted would Lochgelly have an even lower mortality rate, especially if we consider the impact from Mossmorran, and the known health impacts from wind farms?

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One Comment

  1. Lochgellian

    April 24, 2012 at 10:18 am

    It is shocking what has happened to Lochgelly over the years, total neglect for what was once a thriving community. As for the wind farm, it is just another burden being placed on Lochgelly residents. I’m genuinely worried about the possibility of the increased risk of benzine concentrated in the area as reported by SEPA. We are needing a more focused level of care and investment in our area, and not used as a dumping ground for industries no-one else wants. We also need investment in our shopping area’s and our countryside, rather than any available piece of land being built upon. Our quality of life taken from us by the planners. Can I ask what certain members of our Community Council do to protect our town or Fife Council?’ I Love Lochgelly’ bags are just not gonna do it!


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