Admin Note: The following article is a response from Fife Ethylene Plant in reply to the article; Community Council – March 2012

The Fife Ethylene Plant would like to take this opportunity to correct some inaccuracies in the article on your website from the Community Council Meeting on 14th March 2012, over the lack of funding and donations from Mossmorran. I would appreciate if you would either post this response on your website or amend the inaccuracies in the report.

The Fife Ethylene Plant sponsors 3 local schools in Lochgelly, which were nominated to our Link School Initiative by Lochgelly Community Council. These schools are, Lochgelly High School, Lochgelly South Primary School and Lochgelly West Primary School. These schools receive grants and education packages provided on our behalf by the charities CREATE, Generation Science and Grounds for Learning. St. Patrick’s Primary School is not one of our Link Schools as it was not nominated by the Community Council when the nominations took place.

In total the Fife Ethylene Plant sponsors 13 schools in the local area (including the 3 Lochgelly Schools) through our Link Schools Programme at a cost of approximately £46,000 annually.

We have never had any donation returned from Lochgelly Gala as is stated in the note posted on your website.

We have donated over £30,000 to schools and groups in Lochgelly over the last 3 years, all of these donations have been minuted at the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Community Safety Committee which is attended by a representative of Lochgelly Community Council.

We have also over many years (at least 10 years) sponsored a Senior Citizens Pantomime outing, which in 2011 saw some 130 tickets being distributed to Lochgelly Community Council for senior citizens in the area.

In January 2012, we also hosted a group of around 70 Senior Citizens from Lochgelly to a Burns Lunch and an afternoon of Burns Poetry and song, as part of an on-going initiative at the plant.

With reference to the comment raised about the calculations error which we reported to SEPA, CC Schultz raised the concern that if the figures were incorrect in 2008, then what about in 2009, 2010 etc.

Once we had identified the calculations error, we put in place a back-up system to check the calculations. We are very confident that there have been no more mistakes and the calculations, have also been verified by Ernst & Young, the independent external assessors.

I also take this opportunity to repeat my note to you from last week which covers the corporate hospitality items raised.

On rare occasions we offer corporate hospitality to some of our most regular business partners and community contacts, but this is occasional and of a relatively low-cost nature and is fully compliant with all relevant legislation, such as the UK Bribery Act and the US, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Given the importance of a good on-going relationship and regular inter-action between the plant and the community, this should not be surprising. It is not our practice to disclose the names of those who attend our events. This hospitality is done as Fife Ethylene Plant and not jointly with Shell. We have no knowledge of any joint entertainment with Shell. We are also unaware of any gift of significant value provided by the Fife Ethylene Plant as part of one of these events.

Finally we would again extend an invitation to members of Lochgelly Community Council to come and visit the plant, meet with our management team and discuss and answers any questions or concerns that they may have.

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  1. Christine

    April 3, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Didn’t see the original article but you obviously got right up their nose. Wasn’t aware of the ‘hospitality’ issue. It might not be their policy to divulge, who and what the hospitality is but I am pretty sure that Fife Council would have to divulge it under Freedom of Information.

    Wish I was up to the work we discussed but I’m just not at the moment.



    • Lochgelly

      April 3, 2012 at 5:07 pm

      Thanks for commenting. The Lochgelly Community Council are looking to make some FOI requests, and one of the volunteers will be as well. We already have a small list of confirmed ‘hospitality’ gifts and a list of unconfirmed ‘hospitality’ gifts, which will be published soon. Gifts that are intended for the wider community, we are ignoring, as we feel Mossmorran should be putting something back into the community, as for personal gifts to Community Representatives, well that’s another matter entirely.

      PS – I’ve sent you an email, regarding your work, and thanks for keeping me up to date 😉


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