Two raids in January saw fuel stolen from a Lochgelly company along with electric cabling.

Staff at Recycle Fife saw them lose the best part of a day’s work collecting and recycling the host of items, which has made the social enterprise a highly successful operation.

Company Director at the Cartmore Industrial Estate operation, Jackie Dunsmuir, told the times that the raids had cost the company over £1000 but that no one at the successful social enterprise was throwing in the towel.

“Earlier in the month someone stole a length of cable from the big baler we had outside the main building and at the same time damaged the industrial connector near it as well as stealing some copper” she said.

“Then last Tuesday they damaged three lorries and drained 250 litres of diesel from the fuel tanks. I would say that they took away something like 150 litres of fuel in drums and 100 litres found its way onto the ground and was lost.

“The total cost of the first incident would be in the region of £500 and the second was in the region of £700.

“Last weeks raid saw us off the road for the best part of a day which let our customers down but we got the lorries back in action as quickly as possible”

Recycle Fife has won a series of awards for their successful operation in Lochgelly which sees them having won customers all over Fife and beyond.

They employ 24 staff, most of them from the Benarty/Lochgelly/Cowdenbeath area and have just taken on four new people through a new Government scheme.

Added Ms Dunsmuir “Losing business was a real handicap but it has made us more determined to be on the alert and try and ensure that these types of raids are stopped”

“We are here to provide a service and create jobs, yet these people have chosen to twice raid our premises inside a month. We do not like letting our customers down and this makes us even more determined than ever to meet their demands”

Admin Note: If anyone has any information regarding the thefts, please contact the Police:
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