Bonnie Scotland - Wind Farms

Bonnie Scotland

by McKintosh

Welcome tae bonnie Scotland, land o the wind Tur-bin,
Ower by yon bonnie banks an by yon bonny braes,
Please jist ignore thon bird-kill, it disnae mean a thing.
Ye cannae see the hills fer aw the giant wind-mills,
Bit ye’ll no hae tae walk ‘cos they’ve built aw they roads.
The tourist advertisin’ will hae tae change their tact,
An’ welcome ye wi’ new spiel, tae come an see oor toon,
We’ve hundreds o machines stretchin’ tae the moon.
Aw the bonnie banks an bonny braes, weel we’ve let them doon,
Dug them ower wi’ oor diggers, fer the benefit o whom.
Ye’ll maybe no be back, as ye see aw the dismay,
The folks weepin on their doorstep, as they survey the bonnie brae
Afore ye go, may I gie ye a Celtic blessing…
May the wind be always at yer back,
an’ may God save oor land fae this crazy industrial attack…


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