It’s been a busy year for the site and Lochgelly with the ongoing Charrette, construction getting underway on Little Raith Wind Farm with a range of health and safety concerns, publishing our magazine thanks to Scotland Unltd and Nominet Trust, the mid-morning wake up call from Mossmorran, and the site getting a mention in the Scottish Parliament after MSP Fraser Murdo tabled a motion.

We’ve decided to recap the year with the most popular posts, unexpected surprises and some selected stats of how the site has performed over the last year.

Top 3 Most Popular Content

Our most popular content, surprisingly, is the image gallery of the Gelly Loch covered in snow during 2010, which has had 48,378 page views. Our image galleries appear to be more popular with visitors outwith Scotland and the UK.

The most commented article of 2011 was ‘The Dawn Chorus O Mossmorran‘ which was written by the user McKintosh and is a darkly comic Doric poem written on the night Mossmorran had a serious accident, which several site visitors mentioned hearing explosions, with the noise being heard from as far as Livingston and Dundee. The article was also the most commented article in the 2 years we’ve been running the site, and generated 52 comments in total.

The most downloaded content on the site was the free printable calendar for 2011. This was distributed in a zip file (1064 downloads) and a PDF file (1075 downloads).

Surprise Success Story

Earlier in the year we were asked if we could put up 4 designs for the ‘I Love Lochgelly‘ bags, by Fife Council, and let our visitors vote on them. Voting was also held in local public buildings. We had expected that the article would draw negative criticisms but were surprised to see a positive reaction to the bags.

People voted and the bags were designed and given away for free at the Lochgelly Gala. The bags proved very popular locally, but also created interest from ex-Lochgellyians. We managed to get a hold of some bags and sent these out to anyone who requested them. The furthest one of the bags traveled, was to Australia.

User who publishes the most

The user who has contributed the most to the site is Robert MacGregor who manages the Lochgelly Tae Kwon Do. Robert has kept the local community up to date on all the developments and success stories of his group, as well as providing another useful community resource.

Community Event of the Year

The community event of the year has to go to the Lochgelly Gala which is organised and managed by the Lochgelly Community Development Forum which is a local charity that has been working towards the improvement of Lochgelly for several years.

Site Statistics

When the site was first started in January 2010 we had a total of 815 visitors in the first month. This surprised us as we had only expected a handful of visitors, 100 if we were lucky. Since then the site has grown steadily with a gradual increase in traffic. The table below gives the yearly total for 2010.

Year Overview Number of Visits Page Views Hits
2010 35,407 457,258 1,694,686

In comparison our total site visitors for the year have doubled, while the page views have sextuplet, and our hits have trebled.

Month Number of Visits Page Views Hits Most Traffic from Browser Type
Jan 5,775 36,043 246,995 Internet Explorer (43.7%)
Feb 4,005 20,963 153,130 Internet Explorer (41.4%)
Mar 5,442 30,965 248,907 Mozilla Firefox (47.4%)
Apr 4,812 36,392 290,510 Mozilla Firefox (61.4%)
May 5,201 36,155 282,593 Mozilla Firefox (44.5%)
Jun 10,526 49,375 459,235 Mozilla Firefox (40%)
Jul 11,131 41,845 350,387 Internet Explorer (42%)
Aug 5,220 30,598 267,461 Mozilla Firefox (48.5%)
Sep 6,135 30,246 259,166 Mozilla Firefox (47%)
Oct 6,583 27,970 191,001 Internet Explorer (39%)
Nov 9,149 43,072 362,798 Mozilla Firefox (45.4%)
Dec 7,128 37,081 278,826 Mozilla Firefox (51.6%)
Totals 81,107 420,705 3,391,001 Mozilla Firefox

What we’re doing in 2012

We’ll be waiting to see if Lomond Homes ever get around to paying the Section 75 agreement for New Farm Vales. Continue to report on Little Raith Wind Farm and highlight the possible negative impacts it will have on the local areas. Chase up the Mossmorran Safety Report for the excessive flaring and reports of explosions at the plant.

Currently, we are changing our operations from an un-constituted voluntary group, to a constituted voluntary group. By becoming a constituted group, it will also provide more stability for the project which will be overseen by a group of board members, and put a set framework of rules and guidance into operation for all aspects of the group.

It is our aim that once we have signed the constitution, we will apply for charitable status. If successful we are then eligible to access more funding from a variety of sources. We’ll be seeking funds to get the Gelly Loch project started, but in the short term, we are going to try and raise funds to produce the magazine on a more regular basis until it is sustainable, and funds for smaller projects that will help regenerate parts of Lochgelly.

We’re also looking forward to the Gala again this year which has successfully seen a great comeback when it was re-launched by the Lochgelly Community Development Forum in 2010. The Gala was absent from our town for many years and through the hard work of the LCDF has brought it back for the families and youths to enjoy.

Many Thanks

It’s been a busy year but it has been manageable thanks to the core team of volunteers who help keep the site running. It is also thanks to all those in the local community that have helped us in some way, whether it’s passing on info, publishing content, giving us feedback (both positive and negative), it all helps and is very much appreciated.

We hope everybody has a good New Year and all the best for 2012 😀

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