Councillor Alex Rowley, called for a moratorium on all future wind farm developments until a ‘strategic framework’ for such developments have been put in place. Alex Rowley has also asked for a ‘community led’ discussion on the issue. This stance has been backed by the Clatto Landscape Protection Group who have branded the number of wind farm proposals as ‘frightening’.

Group chairman Greg Brown said ”There is no doubt that the extensive subsidies for onshore wind attracts ‘get-rich-quick’ developers,” Mr Brown said. ”They often care nothing for the cost to local communities, nor do they care for the fuel poverty problems exacerbated because the subsidies come form our electricity bills. We need a proper community input into what is going on and not the lip-service experienced so far.”

We would also like to officially support this action and encourage other groups and individuals to show your support. You can learn more at: The Courier or Fife Labour

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