We were down at Lumphinnans Pond about a week ago and it was nice to see that the area is teeming with wild life and bird life. We have also been told that it is a good fishing spot.

When visiting the area we also noticed a lot of dog walkers enjoying the area, but what surprised us, is that no one was walking around the pond, rather they stayed in the fields next to the pond.

Firstly we approached the pond via Lumphinnans Farm and across the fields, rather than the main entrance, after walking around Lumphinnans Pond and nearing the main entrance, it became quite apparent why people were not walking around Lumphinnans Pond; vandalism and littering!

The pictures below only give a small snapshot of the amount of litter being discarded around the pond, also, the majority of the walkways across the marshiest land have been torn up with the wood discarded to the side, turning the walkway into a difficult assault course (and yes we did get wet and muddy on a few occasions).

It is a shame that the area, which has had some work put into it, to improve the area for the locals and visitors, has been allowed to be destroyed and deteriorate. The area is still very nice and is home to a couple of swans, and other bird life. We will be letting the Lumphinnans Community Council know of the problem, and hopefully they can find a solution to clean up the area and get the pathways mended to make it more accessible for the Lumphinnans community to enjoy.

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One Comment

  1. Lochgelly

    January 23, 2012 at 11:57 am

    We have had an update from Lumphinnans Community Council and they are aware of the situation and are trying to get the area cleaned up and the pathways restored but there has been some problems.

    Any further updates and we’ll post in the comments.


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