I work with the Church of Scotland churches in Lochgelly (St.Serf’s in Lochgelly and Benarty). At the moment we are conducting a general survey of everyone who lives in the Lochgelly and Benarty area to get their views about the church and community.

We have set up an online survey (which is anonymous) and so we want to invite the good folks of Lochgelly and Benarty to take a few minutes and complete the survey. The link for it is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/stserfs

I very much appreciate your help. If there are any questions about the survey and how it will be used by the church then my contact details are included in the survey information.

Admin Note: For further info on St Serfs you can visit: http://www.stserfschurch.co.uk/
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