Last night the Lochgelly Community Council held a special ceremony to recognise and award two individuals from the Lochgelly area with the title of Citizen of the Year, and the Young Citizen of the Year.

The award ceremony started at 6pm at the Royal Oak Community Club and was well attended by friends, family and supporters of the two award winners.

The ceremony was opened by Chairperson Ernest McPherson whom briefly read the nomination letters and congratulated the two award winners. The award winners, are Chrissy Scott for Citizen of the Year, and Paul Hindley, for Young Citizen of the Year.

Citizen of the Year

Chrissy Scott was nominated by friends and family and received the award for managing a Seniors Dance Club for the over 70s, which she has been running in the Lochgelly area for 13 years. Chrissy also volunteers and manages dance classes down at Lochore, which she has been doing for the past 15 years. Chrissy also bakes for the community and other community groups for special events.

The Community Council recognised the dedication of Chrissy to support and provide a sociable and fun setting for other elderly people to get together in a relaxed and friendly club.

It was mentioned in the nomination letter that “Chrissy quietly keeps the community running“.

Young Citizen of the Year

Paul Hindley was nominated by family for his dedication to sport. His father had previously been a Citizen of the Year for his development work with LKB United. Paul Hindley has partially followed in his fathers footsteps, but rather than receive an award for the development of a group, Paul has received his award for the dedication and sacrifices he has made to achieve his football dream and career.

Paul has played for Celtic and has recently been signed for full-time for the Celtic Club. To achieve this goal required a lot of dedication by Paul and sacrifices to his personal life as he has commuted too and from Glasgow, 5 days a week, for several years.

Paul was nominated for his “dedication and desire to succeed and an inspiration to others“.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was well attended by members of the public, and both of the award winners were presented with their cheques and officially titled with their awards, with the photographer from the Fife Times capturing the moment.

A buffet was provided for the guests, and we were told that this was donated by Chairperson McPherson. After the buffet the Chair made a speech congratulating the two award winners, and both Chrissy and Paul gave a short speech thanking their family and friends for all their support, and thanking the Community Council for the awards.

The awards ceremony was closed at 7pm so the Community Council could return to the official meeting of the Community Council.

Congratulations to both award winners and we wish you continued success for your futures.

Admin Note: We were rushed for time and forgot our camera, but plenty of pictures were taken of the Award winners by friends and family. If anyone would like to share any of the photos with us to be put in the article, please send an email to: or upload a picture to the Lochgelly Facebook Page.
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