Today we have witnessed a story of animal cruelty which happened between South Street and Small Street which has had a happy ending for the distressed animal and it’s owner.

MitziAround the 8th of October, the cat ‘Mitzi’ went out during the early evening but failed to return home. The owner was very worried and after the cat failed to return the second day, the owner had been frantic and worried over the safety of Mitzi.

Mitzi is a very small elderly (17 years in human years), black and white cat, and due to her age, the owner feared the worst;

“When Mitzi never returned home, I thought she got trapped in someones hut or fell asleep somewhere and died of the cold. Family and friends had been looking for her but after the 4th day I had to break the news to my 3 year old granddaughter that Mitzi won’t be coming back. She was very upset and it was heart breaking to tell her as they have been close since she was born”

Unknown to the owner, her worst fears over what happened to the cat didn’t come close to the despicable act of human cruelty perpetrated towards the animal, which the owner only found out about today.

“I had been looking through Gumtree, when I saw a picture of a cat that looked like Mitzi. I was in complete shock and read the description and my blood turned cold at what had happened to her”

The Gumtree listing, gave details that the cat had been shot by an air rifle;

Gumtree ListingThis is a rather distressing story to tell. Priscilla was found sitting on someone’s doorstep one morning. There was evidence of her having worn a collar recently, but no one came forward to claim her. She was taken to the vets where 3 pellets were found in her. One in her mouth, behind her ear and in her stomach!!!!!! The vet has removed two of the pellets, but the third has been left in situ.

“Mitzi was left outside for 3 days in the cold and wet, but thankfully someone had found her in Small Street and contacted the Fife Cat Shelter who have been looking after her ever since.”

The cat had been wearing a collar which had been removed and during the incident had also lost some teeth. It is unclear whether the person who shot the cat had also removed the collar to try and make it harder to identify the cat. It is also unclear if the cat had undergone even more abuse to make the cat lose some of it’s teeth.

Mitzi was reunited with her owner today and is settling back down into her home after her tragic ordeal.

“I cannot believe she is still alive. It was such a shock to see her on the website and that someone could be so sick to abuse another animal. I have been very sad since my cat was gone and my granddaughter was very upset. We are so glad she is back and well. I am so thankful for the neighbour who called the cat shelter, and for all the hard work the cat shelter has done to look after Mitzi and keep her safe and healthy. I still cannot believe that there is a sick individual living in my neighbourhood that can do something like this.”

MitziThe incident appears to have happened somewhere between South Street and Small Street. If anyone has any details they are being urged to contact the police on their non-emergency number: 0845 600 5702

This has been a tragic incident which has had a happy ending for the cat and owner. We would recommend that anyone living in the area keep an eye on their pets if they are allowed outside and report any neighbours that are using any form of air rifle/guns outside.

For further information on the Fife Cat Shelter, you can visit their website at:

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