Admin Note: Article and discount vouchers reproduced by kind permission from Fife Council

We are all keen to keep our local shops and services, but to keep them we must use them. Everyone can contribute to making Lochgelly a busy, bustling town centre by choosing to shop locally. The benefits of shopping locally are many, existing businesses will prosper and new businesses may choose to locate in the town bringing investment and jobs, and crucially filling empty shop units.

Friendly service is another benefit of shopping locally and contributes hugely to a positive community spirit and for many residents this is a vital part of their social lives. So keeping Lochgelly’s shops open by spending locally helps the whole community.

Shopping locally can be cheaper too, we have been persuaded by out of town retailers that buying local is more expensive, but is this really the case? When you consider the evidence and add in travel, parking and fuel costs, fees to transport larger items home and your time, the overall cost of shopping out of town is often much higher.

The Shop Smart, Shop Local, Shop Lochgelly campaign is launched today and will run for 4 weeks. The campaign has been organised by Fife Council to support Town Centre Revitalisation which is a recommendation of the Lochgelly Charrette.

Cut out shopping vouchers will be available in both the Central Fife Times and the Fife Kinross Extra over the next two weeks. Vouchers can also be downloaded from Vouchers for the final two weeks of the campaign will come out in the Fife Kinross Extra and well as being available through selected retailers in the town, the local office and library and on-line at

Key reasons to spend in the local community

  1. You’ll be protecting the unique character of Lochgelly’s shopping experience and save money at the same time.
  2. The money you spend in the area supports local jobs and wages and improves the well-being of the whole community
  3. You become part of a chain of people making local decisions affecting local people – every local purchase you makes counts.
  4. Thanks to your custom, local businesses are more likely to survive, succeed and stay local.

The challenge to everyone is to put your money where your house is.

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Admin Note: To use the vouchers, click on the links above, print them off and present them to the participating shops. If you don’t have a printer you can visit the Lochgelly Library and get prints from there. The vouchers will also be available in the Central Fife Times and the Extra
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One Comment

  1. jim mcmanus

    November 9, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    We have offered discounts in both our shops (Sapphire Gifts & Sapphire Signs), and hope people will find these useful, especially with christmas coming up. Be good to see the town getting busy.


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