Admin Note: We have recently been notified that the figure quoted in this article is wrong, and we have modified this post to reflect the new information and have published a full apology in our article; Not so ‘Shocking’ Fife Council expenditure. ALl modificatiosn to the original article are clearly marked and we apologise to Fife Council and our site visitors for republishing inaccurate information

At the Community Council, local councillor Ian Chisholm notified the group that the Lochgelly Centre does not look likely to be open until February 2012. It was during the Councillors update that we learned about a ‘shocking’ additional cost attached to the Lochgelly Centre refurbishment.

Below is an image of the power junction box that will be relocated, as Fife Council are removing the small wall, leaving the junction box sticking out of place.

Q: To remove the junction box, how much do you think this will cost?

Power Junction at Lochgelly Centre

A: £160,000.00 Figure is less than ten times less making the cost under £16,000.00

You have read that figure correctly, Scottish Power will be charging Fife Council £160,000.00 to relocate the power junction box, and Fife Council have managed to find the money to pay for the relocation!

In a time of ‘Austerity Measures’ it amazes us how large sums of money can suddenly be found for vanity projects which have a very small significance for the local community and even less impact, when there is areas in Lochgelly that can be greatly improved by this kind of financial investment. Admin Note: the deleted information is no longer relevant

During the Lochgelly Supplementary Guidance and Transport Guidance (LSPTG), Fife Council announced they will be spending more money on upgrading the Miners Square at The Cross.

During the consultation process we objected to this expenditure;

One representation objected to more money being spent on the Miners Square area suggesting that future investment would best be directed elsewhere in Lochgelly (in particular to various flats) spreading investment more equally through Lochgelly*.

The response by Fife Council in the LSPTG:

Further improvements to the Miners Square were proposed through the Lochgelly Charrette to help to enclose the square shutting out unsightly views……*

* Our emphasis

Again, we feel that this decision lacks any logic, instead of sourcing and spending money on improving ‘unsightly views’, the council would rather spend money on hiding those views. At the same time they would rather spend £160,000.00 on relocating a junction box, for ‘vanity’ reasons for the Lochgelly Centre.

Do you think the expense of £160,000.00 to relocate the power junction box is value for money? You can view the updated article at; Not so ‘Shocking’ Fife Council Expenditure

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One Comment

  1. Anon

    November 12, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    saddened me that they ripped out the trees and bushes, they were growing nicely, wish folk would remember that trees are living things and without them we wouldn’t have clean air
    lot of money to move a box, paint smilies on it instead, spend the money on updating the west end park, it looks so derelict and water-logged, needs cheering up in some way
    next time you rip out the trees, go and re-plant them instead in the park


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