The Community council raised concern over the recent flaring events at Mossmorran which has been mostly non-stop for the past 2 weeks.

Community Councillors have made the call again that a representative from Mossmorran should be attending the Community Council. It emerged that the Community Council has requested a representative from Mossmorran to attend the Community Council on 3 occasions over the past 2 years.

Each time Mossmorran has declined to attend the meetings instead stating that they are welcome to visit the plant or they can view the minutes of the meeting of the Safety Advisory board which are distributed at Lochgelly Library.

Issues were raised over Benzene concentrations in the air and concerns over the Wind Farm potential to increase the Benzene levels. Some of the Community Councillors were concerned that Asthma levels, and Cancer rates seem to be predominately higher in Lochgelly and surrounding areas than elsewhere in Fife.

It was also alleged, through hearsay, that contractors from the Mossmorran plant have been in local pubs in the Cowdenbeath area and discussing Mossmorran as a ‘time bomb’ and a ‘nightmare’. This led to another Community Councillor mentioning that a worker for the pipeline expressed safety concerns and recommended to a Community Councillor that ‘they should move out of Fife’.

Community Councillor Brian Schultz wants more information to be provided by Mossmorran regarding accidents, how many times the police and/or Fire Brigade have been called out to incidents at the plant, and other safety information.

Community Councillor Schultz also recommended that the Community Council should be more proactive in raising these concerns and issues to Mossmorran, and also proposed meeting with the other Community Councils (Cowdenbeath, Lumphinnans and Auchtertool) to work together to raise their concerns to Mossmorran.

This was backed by many of the Community Councillors but Chairperson Ernest McPherson did not agree with the Community Councillors, arguing that there is a process, and that process is notifying the local councillors and leaving it to them to engage with Mossmorran. Local Councillor Mark Hood stated that concerns should be raised with the Community Council.

Mark Hood also suggested that due to the amount of hearsay, it was imperative that the local community and the Community Council need to find a way to correlate specific data and hard facts that can be presented to Mossmorran and other groups. This was in reply to Community Councillors and members of the public attributing the recent strange smells in the town to the Mossmorran complex.

Mark Hood was concerned that issues such as the strange smell, cannot be immediately proved and would then detract from the other issues, therefore, the Community Council should work towards obtaining more concrete data that can be presented to Mossmorran and the various groups connected to the safety of the Mossmorran plant.

Mark Hood then suggested to the Community Council that some form of survey should be conducted at the top of the town and that he is prepared to lead and conduct this study, which was widely supported by the Community Councillors.

Other concerns were raised that the Air Quality monitoring systems have been removed from the local area, and that these should be reinstated and sited appropriately.

LoSW Commentary

We fully agree with the Community Councillors that wish to be more proactive regarding the health and safety concerns with Mossmorran and fully support Community Councillor Schultz request that they engage with the other Community Councils to provide a united front and additional support to our local councillors.

The survey Mark Hood proposes is entirely supported by us as we feel it is a better and more proactive approach on getting some hard facts about living next to Mossmorran. We are assuming this may take several weeks to get into place, but when it is ready for public feedback we will notify our site users on how and where they can participate in the survey. If you would like to provide your support or volunteer your help in the survey you can contact Mark Hood via his website:

Apparently contractors have been referring to Mossmorran as a time bomb and a nightmare. At times it does seem a nightmare having to tolerate the light and noise pollution from Mossmorran, and we do have to wonder that on the 11th June 2011, was the Mossmorran Time Bomb counting down?

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