At the recent Community Council meeting, councillor Ian Chisholm was asked by another Community Councillor if the Miners Institute would be closing down.

Ian Chisholm stated that other groups are currently using the Miners Institute alongside Fife Women Technology Centre, and whilst the FWTC need around £220,000.00 to stay open, if they cannot raise this amount then the FWTC would close, but the Miners Institute would stay open.

Whilst, it would be a loss to the local community if FWTC had to cease their operations at the Miners Institute, especially for those that have directly benefited from the group at the Miners Institute, it would be an even greater loss to the community if the Miners Institute was to close its doors.

Currently, there is some ray of light that the Miners Institute will remain open, and we will continue to monitor events as they progress.

In the current financial climate it is hard to determine if FWTC will be able to raise enough funds to stay open, but we hope they are successful in raising funds to keep their classes open as it has provided local benefit for the students that have attended the courses at the Miners Institute.

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